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Like A Roller-Coaster Ride

25 Feb


Last week a lot of things happened. I’d say it was like a roller-coaster ride week. I don’t have to mention everything that happened, probably just the highlights, like perhaps seeing an old friend (or family friends) whom I haven’t seen for I guess almost 10 years. Yeah it was nice seeing her again but not so good when you meet again at a wake, well her mom’s wake.

Then attending a conference, well this is church related and it turned out awesome.

Next is visiting another family friend at the hospital who underwent an operation.

Not to mention taking Mom to the hospital on that same day because of too much stress. Whew!

And lastly, being heartbroken on the night of Valentine’s Day as my bf and I officially ended our 3-year-on-and-off relationship. And yes, it does hurt. So much. But I don’t want to think too much of that now. I would like to think that it was for the best, and I hope it was.


Heart’s Day

14 Feb



Oh yeah today is Valentine’s day. I don’t know but ever since I was a worm (fine, larvae!) I don’t remember celebrating it, even until now that I am a 26 years old. While the rest of world is busy celebrating this what they call the day when love is all around, (which can happen everyday), I am just at home, either working or just being idle. Actually I wouldn’t even feel that today’s a valentine’s day if not of the relentless news about valentine’s on tv and even on the net.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not bitter. It is okay for me if people celebrates it while I don’t. I don’t whine for not being in a fancy restaurant with a gorgeous male as a date matching with a dozen of vermilion roses on the table. Yeah, I don’t have a date and that is because I chose it. Actually it may be too early tor reveal that I am on a rocky relationship now, but that is not really a reason why I don’t go out on the 14th of Feb. Even if I am single or taken, it is really not my habit to go out on this day. Aside from one of the “commercialized” holidays/events in a year, the traffic is so bad you’d really wish you didn’t go outside your house.

But anyway, for those who celebrate it, Happy heart’s day then!

To Blog Again

14 Feb

I have been a blogger since 2003, only that I used to blog in another free-blogging service site that eventually turned into a paid-blogging service site. Actually, they deleted my first blog when I didn’t get the luxury of time to update it for a quite a while. They informed me that I should at least update it every 4 months or 3 times a year which I failed to do due to some issues I had to face way back. I asked them if they could retrieve my past entries since they are important to me but unfortunately, they can’t or they didn’t. So I though I should start all over again under the same name since for the sake of my readers. But then I was not so motivated to write to that blog anymore even though I spent time customizing the skin of that blog of mine. Probably it is because I have been wanting my previous posts which I have written with all of my heart, but I couldn’t. So when they sent a notice that they will no longer be providing free service, I wasn’t really affected at all, well not affected anymore compared to when they deleted my first blog site.

I also tried other blog sites which still exist up to now but is not updated too. LOL. But I intend to keep it along with this new blog I have here at I think this is fresh way to start blogging again. I hope to update this as often as I can. Well, that does not mean I have to do it everyday but since I have all the time in the world now (I quit from job), most probably I would.

I don’t know much about but I have seen a lot of blogs hosted in this domain which are quite popular. Oh, no, that is not the reason I decided to blog on here. One reason I chose WordPress is because of its nice layout. They are simple but elegant. No clutters. Well at least that is what most of the available skins they offer are like. Oh well yeah that also depends on me if I want to use a skin I designed myself or I get from another blogs’ skin-provider sites, that is if WordPress allows that option. And that is something I have to find out. But for now, I’ll stick to the ready made ones.

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