Heart’s Day

14 Feb



Oh yeah today is Valentine’s day. I don’t know but ever since I was a worm (fine, larvae!) I don’t remember celebrating it, even until now that I am a 26 years old. While the rest of world is busy celebrating this what they call the day when love is all around, (which can happen everyday), I am just at home, either working or just being idle. Actually I wouldn’t even feel that today’s a valentine’s day if not of the relentless news about valentine’s on tv and even on the net.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not bitter. It is okay for me if people celebrates it while I don’t. I don’t whine for not being in a fancy restaurant with a gorgeous male as a date matching with a dozen of vermilion roses on the table. Yeah, I don’t have a date and that is because I chose it. Actually it may be too early tor reveal that I am on a rocky relationship now, but that is not really a reason why I don’t go out on the 14th of Feb. Even if I am single or taken, it is really not my habit to go out on this day. Aside from one of the “commercialized” holidays/events in a year, the traffic is so bad you’d really wish you didn’t go outside your house.

But anyway, for those who celebrate it, Happy heart’s day then!


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