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Sleeping, Working and Dieting

2 Apr

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Right! It’s 2am and I’m still up. I am feeling sleepy though I feel that the night is still young. Yes, I am not used to sleeping early although I’d really want to do that. I want to be able to experience starting the day right by getting up early and then go to bed at a not-so-early time. But I don’t want to get up at 5am or worst at 4am like before when I was still working. That’s the very reason I resigned from my job aside from the feeling of wasting time in a job I don’t intend to grow into (although it seems now that I am considering it. But that is another story!). I want at least to experience getting up at 6 or 7am and smell the morning mist. The classic morning where you eat breakfast at 7am, read Bible, a book or a newspaper though right now, I rarely get my dose of news from the print instead I read them online or just watch news on tv.

After resigning from my job last December, I haven’t found a replacement yet. Yes, it has been 3 months now and I’m still jobless. But I worry not since I do some freelance jobs which is really convenient because I work from home. I guess that is one reason I don’t bother hitting the sack early at night because I don’t have to worry being late for work the next day anymore. I can sleep anytime I want and get up anytime I want, unless it’s a Sunday for it is a church day. That isn’t negotiable. I really have to get my ass off the bed and prepare for the church. Although it’s good that we have afternoon service now and I have an option if I really can’t go in the morning. But I prefer going to church in the morning than afternoon. It’s about starting your day right.

Going back to working from home, one of the great benefits of telecommuting (although mine isn’t really telecommuting, more of freelance) is that you don’t really have to dress up because it is rare that your customers visit you at home, so you can always wear comfy clothes. But I’d say that is also a downside because I miss dressing up for work. I miss going out of the house in the morning to head to the office. But when I think of the traffic, the 8 or nowadays it is 9-hour job and insufficient payment, I realized it’s better to work from home and get direct payments from clients. I guess we really can’t have it all.

I have been working almost all day today editing information of video clips and also teaching my Turkish student online. I’d say it’s exhausting since I almost never left my pc except for bathroom trips (that includes taking a shower) and preparing my lunch.

Speaking of lunch, I only had caesar salad that I prepared myself. I didn’t eat rice today that’s why I somehow feel good because it’ll help me in achieving my goals to shred some pounds but at the same time I also feel like I deprived myself of a good meal. Arrrggh!!!! Now I feel hungry. I had wheat bread with tuna spread, lettuce and cucumber and a cup of coffee for breakfast, caesar salad for lunch and fresh milk, banana que and skyflakes with tuna spread for snacks and oatmeal for dinner. Banana que though was not really a good choice for a person who wants to lose weight since it is a sugar-coated banana and deep-fried. Eww!!!Too much fat!

I was tempted though to take a trip to a nearest fast food in my place to have my rice consumption but I realized I have no more money on my wallet. All I have in my coin purse is PHP 22.75 . Poor me! I was too lazy to go to the bank since it was already rush hour and that means heavy traffic. But then I thought of borrowing a hundred bucks from the money that my aunt kept in the cabinet and will just tell her the next day and return it after. But I came to my senses! I AM ON A DIET! Fast food shouldn’t be an option. Well not really but at least not frequent. Plus I have made a daily menu that should follow otherwise there is no sense of doing it. And I was successful. But tomorrow, I swear I’ll have some rice.


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