Writing, Writing and Writing…

19 Aug

I am writer and writing is a challenge to me. Although I have done two writing jobs professionally, including the one I have right now, I still find it very challenging in the sense that I know I couldn’t come up with an easy article or write up. I always find myself overwhelmed of all the ideas running through my head and the fact that I am, yes, really writing and it’s going to be published in a website.

Okay, I have two roles at work. One is a team’s supervisor and another is a copywriter/editor. Although yeah, that supervisor thing seems posh but I am not going to talk about it now. Often times I find myself lost of words or couldn’t even start writing at all. Though, it’s more of like my way of writing, my rituals if you may call it, wherein I let the thing (or topic for that matter) sinks in to my system first then after a day or two or three or four at times, the juicy ideas starts flowing. It’s good that way because I know no matter how much I push myself to write, if I am not inspired, I can’t come up with anything. But the downside is, I am often left with a few more days till the deadline that results to cramming. Yes, I am so good at procrastinating that I cram so much after. The great crammer I should say.

But it’s a bad habit I know. Not only that I lose the precious time, but I also lose money. Well, Time is Money as they say. I should do something about my writing style.

While I know every writer have their own rituals and all that sort to get them inspired to pick a pen or face their computers, my own ritual has to change, if not improved for the better.

Plus I know I have so much to learn about writing. I have to improve so much in a lot of areas, particularly on the creative side. I should start digging for more information now and tips on how I can accelerate my writing to a more professional level.

Oh well. I can’t finish this one… I’ll get back to you later.



One Response to “Writing, Writing and Writing…”

  1. alece August 27, 2008 at 5:58 am #

    i’d love to take some kind of writing course. did you study journalism or english or something?

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