Quit or Stay (another hormonal attack?)

26 Aug

This is one of those days, one of the moments I want to quit from my job. This is just one of those days when I feel uninspired … tired of the rat race. This is just one of those days, I want to get out and go away. This is one of those moments, that I wish I never entered myself into this, so probably I’d be happier, I’d be more satisfied.

But so far, I don’t have a choice but to stay. Plan B didn’t push through, might as well stick to PLAN A for a while now, but soon I will have to revised PLAN B or have PLAN C, D, E…up to Z…whatever! All I want now is to get out from here.

Not a good sign, isn’t it? Yeah because I am here for just barely what, 4 months? not too long yet and I feel as early as now this uneasiness and the feeling that you don’t belong and the need to get out. Bad sign.

Lord, why do I feel this way again? or is this my hormones again talking? sigh…


One Response to “Quit or Stay (another hormonal attack?)”

  1. alece August 27, 2008 at 5:57 am #

    praying for ears to hear and faith to follow.

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