Resignations and Low Morale…

3 Sep

What would you do when you received three (yes freaking 3!) resignation letters all in one day? Not to mention, getting it at the start of shift!

Man! I am just so not in peace right now.  I couldn’t work well. I am so much bothered. I am wondering what is going on. Just barely 2-3 weeks ago, we had to layoff some staff and unfortunately 3 of them are my team members. I used to have 8 members, downsized to 5 when ‘they’ decided to layoff when the clients asked for it.  I was torn. While the 2 of them were new hires, working for barely 2-3 months I think, the other one has been here for quite some time, more than a year and is performing well, yet was decided to be part of the people that we had to let go.  That person was never a headache to me and to the team, both work and attitude wise. So, I was really bothered when I found out about the management’s decision. I even questioned them, asked if we still could do something. I wasn’t at peace when I’ve learned about it. I couldn’t sleep.

And now, 3 resignation letters on my desk.

What do I do with this? I know I will need to talk to them and ask them personally about their decisions. Although I am getting hints or just having some guesses and assumptions of what could be the reasons of them wanting to quit from their jobs.  I know it is related to the layoff that happened a few weeks back because one of those who were relieved from work happens to be one of their friends at work. I knew they were hurt badly. As their team leader, it was painful too being in the situation. You are just in the middle, in between the management and the workforce. And it’s simply not easy.

I will talk to them definitely. While I know some of the questions I want to ask them, I still feel lost of words. Three resignation letters all in one day is serious. While I admit that I am concerned that this will reflect my own performance, especially that my evaluation will be up soon ( yeah, very good timing isn’t!?), I am more concerned of why they all three decided to do it all at the same time.

For me, it’s more of a protest on their part. While their letters shows gratitude for giving them the opportunity to be part of the company, I know and I feel that there is more than that. The problem didn’t just start on the day some staff were relieved, it actually just triggered them more or gave them the concrete reason for doing so. The problem started way before I joined the company. I’ve been hearing a lot since my first few weeks in here.

It is just sad. They are my performers. I admit, it’s going to wreck my own performance, and so the team’s.  This is devastating.


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