They Quit And They Are Becoming A Headache.

8 Sep

Yes, my initial reaction was sad. I was kind of depressed, not really, but well, yeah it has affected me. Okay, I am talking about the recent happenings in my workplace. The abrupt resignation not to mention, a massive one, well not really, or maybe yeah, since out of 5 members, 3 of them just quit. Don’t make me mention about the other resignations from the other teams in our department and the others that’s going to happen in the future.

Sad was my initial reaction, yes because first I didn’t expect them to do it that soon, much more doing it all at the same time. Second was, I admit that they are good team members, well, they used to be, not until recently when they are turning into some sort of pain in the ass. Really they are! And I’m quite pissed!

Are resignation letters really meant to be written with lies? I mean, why say, “I’m thankful for the opportunity and all that the company has provided me with… grateful for the whatever it is…etc…etc…” and the “I am willing to help or something for the smooth transition..etc… ” when you are becoming such as ass on your remaining days? I thought you say, you’ll help with the smooth transition, whatever!

I am just so angry at that.  While I don’t want to glorify myself, but I’ve already worked for different firms and submitted more than a couple of resignations, but I was never a headache to them during my last few days. What I wrote in my resignation letters were all true. Even when I had some horrible experiences with one of the companies I’ve worked for, still I remained professional. But I didn’t have to put that “I regret leaving them..etc”… because I don’t talk bullshit to anyone. I believe that if you are leaving the company, and you happened to be in bad terms with some people from the management, I think it is better not to write any lies on your resignation letter, like being sad about leaving and all that.. if that’s the case, better state that you simply are just leaving and wanted a career change. You don’t even have to explain things on the letter. While I know that you must keep the letter positive as it will be kept on your 201 file, which could be dig up later if there is a need for it, still writing hoax on your letter just to please your immediate supervisor, or any HR officer reading it isn’t really a good idea. I think it’s better to be true than be “plastic!” Get real. While you don’t want to burn the bridge, you also don’t want to write lies on your resignation letter while in your mind, you even vomit writing them.

I am just pissed off. Well I was. Hopefully for the remaining 3 weeks, they will not give me anymore headaches.


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