Of Annoying Work Colleagues

25 Sep

While last week I was all high-spirited, very optimistic and inspired. This week, I am/was the opposite. I’ve encountered some challenges at work lately. Some of them are colleagues in the same department but most of them are people under me- my team members. Oh I don’t know but if they intend to really annoy me, then I’d say that yes they were successful with it. I am so annoyed. I am just pissed off!

This all started when 3 of them filed a resignation all at the same time. Ever since they did, they have become such a burden to me. Maybe not all 3, but 2 of them. Their complaints about company policies, workload assignments, their being not dependable anymore at work, etc… and yeah, the attitude problem, how can I forget that.

While during my first few weeks and months, upon meeting, let’s just call her, Employee A, I thought she doesn’t just have a pretty face but she has a nice attitude. The other however, though doesn’t posses the friendly face but was nice enough too, that’s employee B. Employee C, although my first impression was that she’s cool but probably too cool that I might be having problems dealing with her turn out to be a nice one. But knowing they are all friends, I don’t know exactly what she’s like when they are together, what they say about work, or me or anything.

The comes Employee D.. who lately have become a total complainer! She just complains about everything, just about everything… I could probably relate it to her condition now, perhaps she is having mood swings as she is expecting a baby soon. Maybe that’s how pregnant women are like? I don’t know. I haven’t been pregnant. But hearing her complains everyday about work and what’s happening in the company just makes her get inside my nerves! She’s just so negative. Everything she hears, she gets affected and spreads the negativity. I hate it. Plus, she probably thought she’s that good already. While I admit that she works good, but demanding for something when you really haven’t proven anything yet, not to mention not being regularized yet is something that annoys me. She even said upon learning that the company offers a slightly higher pay for those who will be hired as new team members than the ones who were already hired, that she will just probably resign and then re-apply for the post, then maybe they’d offer her the same. I don’t know if she was kidding or not but whether it was a joke or she really meant that, I will not accept her for the job again. Why? Because I know now her attitude.

Then here comes Employee E… okay… this one I have a lot to say. She is a B….!!!! Don’t make me mention that word oh please. I know I am being nasty but she’s always been a burden to me. Yes, at first I thought she was just a snob, then I thought okay, maybe it’s her personality, not too friendly at all.. but no… while she talks to everyone, she ignores me, deliberately. She has this “attitude” where she feels like she’s the QUEEN BEE! Yes, she have been in the company for a year already and has a potential to lead a team, she can really influence people (I guess in a wrong way) but she lacks the heart and the brain.

Okay, I’m being nasty by saying that.

But yeah, she feels like she can always get away with anything. She feels everyone must bow down to her.  I could mention a lot of things but I think to make it short, she’s envious of me and my position.

Am I just hallucinating? No, I think it’s a fact. On the day I signed the job offer contract, I was informed by an HR officer that I might be wondering why they hired me instead of just promoting someone who’s already there and very knowledgeable about the tasks. She said the reason is because none of them passed the qualification.

While I am not saying this to glorify myself here, I just wanted to say this statement in support for employee E being jealous of me having the position. She probably thought she will be promoted or offered the role but unfortunately she was short of skills and brain. What does she knows? Make up? New Cellphones? The latest trend? Everything pink and girly? Duh!!!! I wanted to tell her, there is more to life than the latest in fashion and gadgets! And I think she thought she is so good she can’t be replaced. She is doing good in her work I admit but she has to realize that being a bitch won’t take her anywhere. At the end of the day, I’m still the one in command and in control and she can’t do anything about it. If she has problem with it, then she might as well just file her resignation and I’d so happy to accept it, sign it and endorse it immediately to the HR.

And Yes, I can be so nasty like that. I just don’t like her at all.

I probably won’t have problems even we aren’t friends at work, but what I actually don’t like is her attitude. And who knows what she says about me. Like I said she influences people there, especially with her negativity. Who told employee D about the ad that we have in one of the job portals that new hires are being offered quite a higher salary than them? She did.

A few weeks ago I was told she is resigning and she plans on doing it by the end of the September. My ears were clapping upon hearing it! Yes! Music to the ears!!!! What a pleasant news! However, it’s almost the end of September now and she still hasn’t filed her resignation letter and I am getting impatient. I just hope she didn’t back out or changed her mind. Just thinking I’d still have to deal with her til the end of the year or worst until next year, stresses me. GRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!

I know I am being really nasty writing all these and even praying that they resign. But really I have always been praying to God about the people at my work who are giving me burdens and headaches, that God will do something about them. Perhaps, make them quit. I know it’s going to be an added tasks for me to train new hires but I think I’d rather have these newbies who aren’t negative, willing to be trained, and no attitude or tenure problems. It’s going to be tough I know that it’ll require so much from me but I think it’s better than I will have to deal with them for a long time.


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