He’s On A Quest For My Blog! Yeah, This Blog!

5 Oct

We’ve been together for 4 years, (even though it was an on and off kind of relationship) yet it was only last week when he found out that I blog or that I write. Well, he knows that I write professionally but he said he wasn’t aware that I write about non-work related stuff… like  blogging. It’s funny. But that is quite weird too. I didn’t mention it within the 4 years… yeah right?

We meet in 2004…and my blogging life started in 2003… although I stopped for a while writing/updating my blog that eventually led to the site shutting it down. I didn’t know I never mentioned it to him.. hmmm…just weird.

I guess probably it’s because I never advertised my blogs. Even my friends (except for a close friend who only knows about my previous blog but not this) and family don’t know about it. The readers of my blogs before were those who don’t know me personally, although some of them eventually became my friends in real life when we decided to meet. I really don’t like advertising my blogs even until now because I want my readers to just discover my blog and like it because they happen to see something about my writing but not because I asked them to check it out. One reason I think is to keep my anonymity and be able to express freely.

Anyway,when he found out…he got so curious he asked for the URL. He said he wants to see what I write about. My thoughts in writing. Then he said that for me not to be conscious at all, he won’t comment on it. And when I was about  to give the url, he stopped me. I asked why. He said, “I don’t want you to tell me because I don’t want you to feel so conscious about what you write there.” But then I told him it’s okay for him to know after all he is the most important person to me, he is my most beloved and we promised not to hide anything to each other. But he said, “but when you get to know I am reading it, even if I don’t comment…it might affect your writing.”

Hmm… So instead of me giving the URL…he decided that he’ll be on a quest to find my blog on his own. Oh yeah! He’ll do blog hopping until he gets to my blog. Wow… with tons of blogs all over the cyberspace, I wonder when he’ll stumble upon this blog of mine. hehehe.. He’s sure to be in a big quest. hehehe…. especially that I am using a pseduo name on here, not really pseduo..but I am anonymous. Well not totally.

Well, but if he really knows me by heart… he will guess it easily if he happens to land on this blog. Well, good luck to your quest baby. Hehehe.. and if you get to read this:  Well then you are good. Really good! And you deserve a prize! What is it? It’s a surprise. But I’m sure you’ll love it.

*just an update though…

He said he already started his quest…he went into this blog site…eblogger? But he said, he found nothing. I asked, how did he start searching…He said he just googled for my name… see for the sites related.  Oh well good luck baby. hmmm… let’s see if you can find this page. hehehe…


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