Am I Workhalic?

14 Nov

workaholicI am not workaholic. Never.

But today I worked for more than 12 hours. To be exact, 17 hours. Wow! Yeah Wow! and despite having a long day at work, I am still here blogging instead of getting some sleep. Hurray!!!!

I work in a BPO company and my work schedule is at night. It starts 9pm, supposed to end at 6am but ever since I started this job I could just count the few times when I didn’t work overtime.  So today, I went home at about 2pm…which is so far the worst “overtime” work I ever did. I don’t know if this is still “healthy”  figuratively speaking. It consumes me too much and leaves me less time, actually no time for myself and other things. My life evolves so much in my work. It is actually just work, eat and sleep and work, eat and sleep, and work, eat and sleep. A routine now. I actually don’t have a “life” now.

Okay, before I rant and write more about this. I will get some sleep. I need to. I can’t abuse myself anymore. It might backfire. Plus I still need to be at the office tonight.

Am I workhalic? I don’t think so. I just have no choice for now.


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