My June 12

12 Jun

Okay for a change, I won’t write about my love life. LOL.

Right now, I am okay. Tomorrow, I don’t know. At least I am fine today and that is what is important.

I’m at work but just being bored. I’ve been siting here just reading stuff on the net. I have tasks to do but this “friday sickness” has infected me, haha that made me unproductive. I guess it’s because it’s holiday today. Oh well today, we are commemorating the 111th Independence Day of the Philippines from the Spanish rulers, but I am here at the office, working. Talk about “independence/freedom”.

I’m a corporate slave. huhuhuhu…. LOL.

So what happened today so far? Well, I have read Adolf Hitler‘s biography on How I came to that was through reading Anne Frank‘s biography too as she is being featured on‘s homepage for being born on this day. I have learned a lot today about history. Like Hitler being a monorchid and having an Oedipus complex. Ewwwww… LOL. Then the “Secret Annex” or the Anne Frank’s house in the Netherlands. Then some Ghandhi stories and other Indian-related information.

Okay, stop there. I won’t mention anything anymore about India, it might just lead to some stories about my love life. LOL.

Okay, I went out from the office to take a break. I thought of spending it in my favorite Starbucks store in Bonifacio High Street, but to my disgrace, there are too many people swarming in and outside of the Mall, invading the Fort area. There was like a “diaspora” of people, leaving their homes and going to the Bonifacio High Street and Market! Market! Oh yeah, it’s holiday today, what would I expect? Filipinos are mall-loving people hehe.. and would rather spend their “holiday” in malls. Plus there is the “Ako Mismo” concert in the Fort Area so that explains why. I was invited though to go there at the launching of Ako Mismo campaign by my friend’s brother who is working for the organization, unfortunately I am stuck here at work until 9pm tonight, the same time the Ako Mismo event will end. Hmmp!

But that still didn’t ruin my day. And I hope and pray nothing will. Please Lord.

It’s a Friday so here at my office, it means, Videoke day! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! Every Friday is a videoke day! But I haven’t tried singing there yet eversince it was installed in our pantry last week. Hmmm…

Alright, I have an hour and a half left before I could go home. Home? Yeah I guess, I have nowhere to go tonight. No appointments. No ‘gimmicks’. No gig. So I’ll head home.  But which home? My place or my parents’? I am still not decided. I hope in an hour I will already have it figure out.

So, it’s weekend… what are my plans? So far, the only plan I have is to clean my place. That’s all. And maybe read some books? Or maybe watch some movies? I am not sure yet.

Weekends…now this reminds me of my good friend  Idy (as I fondly call him). He used to ask me what my weekend plans are and shares his. But it’s been more than half a year now since I heard from him. Sad. =( I miss my friend Idy. Hope he contacts us (Fatih and I) soon.

(* I have written something about that British friend of mine in my journal. I’m thinking of posting it here… dunno yet.)

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