What’s in my bag?

18 Jun

I suddenly thought blogging about the contents of the bag I use almost everyday. People are always wondering what’s inside my bag because it’s quite bigger than the usual bags that most women have or use when they go to work or somewhere. Often people wonder why do I have to carry such a huge bag, actually two bags sometimes..haha… The other one is quite small though that I use for my slippers or umbrella or my packed lunch. I just can’t leave the house without my bag and everything inside it. I just don’t feel complete if I don’t have them with me even if I don’t get to use all of them.

So here are the things that can be found inside my bag:

1. My Starbucks journal. (can’t leave without it)
2. A book (Kapitan Sino -” Captain Who” in English, haha by my favorite Filipino author)
3. Pad paper
4. Perfume
5. Pencil case (inside are 2 pens, pencil, mechanical pencil, extra leads for my mechanical pencil, 3 ponytails, 3 pairs of earrings, pins, hairpins, hairclips)
6. Pouch bag or my vanity kit (inside are face powder, eyeliner,lipstick, blush on, clear mascara, black mascara, facial cream, lip gloss, medicine kit, vitamins, nail cutter, cologne, toothpaste, 2 pens, tissue paper, 2 sanitary napkins,  ponytail)
7. Toothbrush
8. Small bottle of isopropyl alcohol.
9. Post its notes
10. Nokia hands free kit
11. Wallet
12. Coin purse
13. Comb
14. Eyeglasses
15. Sunglasses
16. Company ID
18. Memory card
19. Mobile phone
20. Mirror
21. A lot of receipts
22. A broken Timex watch. =( Still need to have it fixed.
23. Bible

Even if I don’t get to use all of them in a day, these are a must bring stuff for me, especially my journal or any writing materials because I always write. I can live without a mobile  phone but not without a paper and a pen. I would die!!! LOL. But yeah seriously, I just can’t go anywhere without them. I want to be always ready if an I idea will pop up. 🙂


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