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The Darjeeling Limited – one of my favorite movies. :)

21 Sep

I just recently saw a picture of The Darjeeling Limited, one of the best movies I’ve seen so far, when I was browsing some sites today. I already have forgotten about this movie but today I was reminded how good this film was. Then I realized it’s one my favorite movies of all time!

I don’t exactly know why I like this movie. Maybe because most of the scenes were shot in India. And I love India. No, I am not from there but that is one of my dream destinations. Anyway, the movie was really good. It made me laugh, made me cry at some point, and made me think a lot. It’s actually a comedy, drama and adventure movie, about the three brothers who haven’t spoken for a year and took a journey for some spiritual quest and to bond and become “brothers” once again.

Below is the official trailer of the movie:

The Cult of Starbucks by Joel Harris

21 Sep

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The cult of Starbucks on Twitpic

One Love by: Blue feat. Asian Artists

20 Sep

I always love this song by BLUE. I am not exactly a fan of boyband, but growing up in the 90s, I have liked a few of some boybands’ songs. And one of them is this. I particularly love this version of the song where they collaborated with some Asian artist. Cool.

Hi Y

19 Sep
He said:
“hi Y.
how are you
it’s really been very long
i hope u make some time out of ur busy schedule to talk.”
~ ~ ~ ~
Your silence ripped me. I thought you already have forgotten me. No, I am not busy. I never was. Not for you. But I am just waiting for you to do something, something more… It’s not enough yet… not enough.

Joshua Harris’ Dug Down Deep was a best seller in a Manila Book Fair! :)

18 Sep

Today, my sister and I went to SMX Convention Center for the 4th day of the 31st Manila International Book Fair. And for those who loves reading like me (I call us “Book Suckers!” lol) will definitely smile from ear to ear seeing all the books, mostly discounted ones in the convention center. Yes! Some are even sold half their original price! Cool!

Dug Down Deep by Joshua Harris @ the 31st Manila International Book Fair

We visited almost all booths before we stormed OMFLit section where the newest book of my favorite author Joshua Harris is being featured, Dug Down Deep (they just launched the Philippine Edition it along with his other book, Stop Dating the Church). And man! It is 50% off! Cool.

Dug Down Deep by Joshua Harris

So my sister and I bought a few copies…about 11 copies. I already have the book, which is the original version of it, published in the States. I bought it around Feb of this year, few weeks after the book was released in the States. Then my Auntie in the US sent me the Stop Dating the Church book so both my copies are original and hardbound. But despite of owning the book already, I was still thrilled to see both books at the fair. They are priced at least about 70% less than the original since it is published locally, which is great so many Filipino Christians who have been wanting to own the book can now grab their own copies. Cool! haha… I’d say a lot of people who visited the OMFLit booth bought a copy of Dug Down Deep and Stop Dating the Church, and also Alex and Brett’s book too (Do Hard Things and Start Here). The Harrises are definitely one of the best sellers in the book fair. 🙂

Stop Dating the Church hardcover copy that my Auntie from the US sent me via Barnes and Nobles. 🙂

I’m back!

12 Sep

Yes! I’m blogging again and will update this as often as possible. Promise. Really. Well I hope so. I have to get back to writing again.


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