I like it on the couch!

10 Oct

Just this week, a lot of women in facebook – teens, young adults and even mothers posted intriguing messages on their facebook profiles. “I like on the couch; I like it on the bed; I like it on the kitchen counter; I like it on the floor; I like it anywhere” were the usual I’ve seen. These messages made a lot of their friends, mostly male friends intrigue and curious about what these messages mean. Well of course, we all know what they’re thinking. *wink! wink!* LOL.

If you’re a female, you probably have received a message in your inbox about how this game works. According to the email, the game started last year and turned out successful as it even made it to the national television what the women were up to! Well this isn’t a naughty message at all. The game’s purpose is to increase awareness on Breast Cancer as October is the Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

I won’t post it here how the game works but I’d like to share it here to help others be aware of Breast Cancer.

(I don’t own the pictures below. I just googled them and thought I’d post it here.)


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