Butthead, you will be missed.

7 Dec

Butthead is one of our dogs. He used to be our baby at home. He would stay inside the house, usually pampered, especially by mom. He was such a sweet dog but also very protective of us. When my niece was born, we had to choice but to let him stay outside. But he would still go inside the house during daytime and he would get jealous if one of us would play or cuddle my niece. He would bark or do something to get our attention. But then, eventually he got used to it and have become protective even to my niece who calls him Bagded as she couldn’t pronounce his name properly. Later on, another dog came to our lives, that’s Aslan and just recently, a puppy we named Caspian joined our family. Butthead being the oldest, was very protective of them too. And the dogs in our neighborhood are just too afraid of him.

But today is a sad day. Butthead just died. He wasn’t eating for the past 2 or 3 days, just drinking water only once or twice. He would barely respond when his name is called. Yesterday, he still can wag his tail when I called him. But this afternoon, when I talked to him while I ran my fingers through his ivory hair, he just looked at me, looking very weak and disconnected. He’s no longer the tough-looking dog he used to be. Before I left my family’s house this evening, I even said bye to him and told him to get well soon. He didn’t respond, he was just laying flat on the ground but he was still breathing. Before mom left my place, I told her to take him to the vet tomorrow morning. But then a few hours later, I received a text message from my Auntie telling me that he died as soon as my parents arrived. It is as if, he just waited to see mom and dad so he could say goodbye. I called mom and she said, when they arrived home, Butthead tried to stand up to run towards them but he was too weak so he fell back to the ground, then he moaned for the last time and breathe his last breath. It was sad. 😦

Butthead looking very weak. This was taken today by my sister. Miss you Butthead!

I will miss him. I will miss saying “Hey boys” to the three of them every time I see them. Now it’s just Aslan and Caspian at home.

Thank you for the friendship Butthead. You were a great Dog. I thank God for you for keeping my family and our house safe at night when we are asleep. I will miss you.

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