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My Bollywood Fascination

29 Jan

I don’t know how it started. Okay, I know actually. I always have this fascination about Indian culture. Reason?


I have to admit it’s because of my connection with M, who happens to be my ‘love interest’ for 6 years, 2 months, 23 days, 13 hours and counting. He is Indian, thus explains my interest about their country and rich culture.

Anything that be can read and watched that has something to do with India or would mention India will really capture my attention. I’ve read some of their history on Wiki, researched about Ghandi and Hinduism (nope that ain’t his religion), used google earth or map to study their geography, watched documentary on Discovery or NatGeo and Bollywood flicks. I think I know a lot about India now (maybe) and according to an online quiz on Facebook, “How Indian are you?”, I am a DESI. I know India as good as the local. LOL. Well except that I don’t speak and understand Hindi. But I think I have to consider learning Hindi now not just for M, but also because I don’t want to read the subtitles all the time.

I haven’t seen a lot of Bollywood movies yet, but I have seen their few good flicks. The Bollywood trademark of dancing and singing is tolerable in some of them though. I don’t know what first Indian movie I saw but I will list them as I remember them. In random order:

Life In A Metro

Life in A Metro – M recommended this to me so I would understand his culture more. It sort of caused us some misunderstanding during that time (I’ve written something about this movie, read it here: “Life In A Metro”). It became one of my favorite films. Iirfan Khan was hilarious in the movie.

Jab We Met – Typical Boy Meets Girl and singing and dancing in the woods but modern version. 😛

The great actor: Amitabh Bachchan

The Last Lear – Great plot. Good acting by the famous Mr. Amitabh Bachan and Arjun Rampal.

Bride and Prejudice – Nope, I didn’t misspell it. That’s really the title. It’s their adaptation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, fit into the Indian culture.

Bride and Prejudice

Pushpak – This is a silent movie from 1988. I am not sure if this falls under Bollywood but it’s an Indian movie anyway. It was recommended by a friend from Bangalore, not by M. He hates this film but I enjoyed it.

Kama Sutra – Ahem… The sensual movie of one of my favorite Lost actor, Sayid Jarrah or Naveen Andrews in real life.

Naveen Andrews or Sayid of Lost

Company – A gangster movie. Not a favorite but it’s okay for an action one. At least it’s not like this flick: Alluda Majaka – the one that puts Indiana Jones or our local Lito Lapid to shame. LOL. I have only seen a portion of Alluda Majaka through youtube though, courtesy of my former boss who came to know about my fascination with Indian movies. He said it’s definitely the best action film ever! And you have to know, my former boss have a good sense of humor and he can also be very sarcastic at times. LOL.(for the reader’s sake, this is the video)

Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi – I don’t remember if there is any singing or dancing in this one, but I remember this having a good story – idealism, modernism, political revolution and a love story in between.

Provoked – I’m not sure if this is Bollywood but actors in the movie are mostly, if not all, from India or have Indian bloods. But I know this was released internationally so I don’t know. I’m still including this on the list.

3 Idiots - one of my favorite movies.

3 Idiots – The most recent Indian flick that I’ve seen and one of my favorite movies of all time. The best! A must-see I have to say. Aamir Khan, Sharman Joshi and R. Madhavan did superb acting in this one. They made me laugh and cry.

And of course some Hollywood movies that were either filmed entirely in India , just a part of it or just showed an Indian tradition.

Slumdog Millionaire – Who wouldn’t know this movie? Only the aliens I guess or the people who lived in the cave from their birth until 2010. And who wouldn’t love this movie? M. Yes. He didn’t like it too much, not like I did. Like the common reaction of the Indian movie goers in 2009, he thought it focused too much on poverty. He asked me why I think it’s a good film. I said because it gives me hope.

The Darjeeling Limited

The Darjeeling Limited – Jack: What did he say?
Peter: He said the train is lost.
Jack: How can a train be lost? It’s on rails.

This is one of my favorite movies. It showed a lot about India’s beautiful places and enchanting culture, has a good story and good humor too.

Eat, Pray, Love – this is not my favorite movie but I have to say I like it. The Indian scenes may be a little dragging but it was good too.

Bend It Like Beckham

Bend It Like Beckham – Feel good movie about the Indian family living in the UK. Football was a plus here.

So far, that’s my list. I’ll add the others in case I forgot some of them.  I am hoping to watch more. M recommended before one of his favorite Indian movies, ROCK ON.

Next Bollywood movie to watch.

I’ve just got the Blu-ray copy of it but it has no subtitle. It’s either I will force myself to learn Hindi for the sake of the movie or find another with subtitle and spend around 7 hours reading it. 🙂


Birthday, Baguio & Blessings!

29 Jan

This was supposed to be posted last week but I was too busy with other things so I just saved it in the draft and now finishing it….

So here it is…..


Happy Birthday to me!

Last week was great! I had a lot to be thankful for.

First would be, I celebrated my birthday last Tuesday. As for the age, please don’t even bother to ask. 🙂 I didn’t have a party at all… my choice. What did I do? Simple things… I went out for a coffee and cake.  I was supposed to go to the Salon but postponed to the next day due to an unforeseen circumstance that happened.

My mom cooked pasta at home. Actually, before I caught mom at the mall buying my birthday cake. It was supposed to be a surprised but I caught her! hahaha… She said, she’ll cook pasta and buy the cake. Well, I told her to cook but just make the ‘graham cake’ instead since we still have fruit cocktail at home and other ingredients that we didn’t use during the holidays.

(This usually happens when your birthday falls 10 days after new year’s day. Unopened pastas and sauces, cheese and others will be used. =P )

Then, of course the greetings from friends and super friends (nope, not superman and the team). I’m talking about my best friends… like Idy, Ces and others! And yes.. a phone call from M that made my birthday complete!  🙂


Manor Hotel, Baguio

I tagged along with my mother to her conference in Baguio, the day after my birthday. My initial plan though was roam around the city while mom attends the seminar. I don’t mind being alone. I’ve been to Baguio a lot of times so the place is already quite familiar. One reason I wanted to go there was to write.  I thought the green backdrop and the cool breeze will be good inspirations that’s why I really convinced mom to let me go with them.

trees at Camp John Hay

My former boss said though through my FB that “The nice cold weather is a bane of any writer” because he said I’d rather sleep than write or curl up in bed and watch a movie, LOL.  I still love the cold weather though. But true enough I wasn’t able to write (well I did but not really for a long time), not because I preferred sleeping or watching a movie, but because I attended mom’s seminar. And I have to say it was great! The speaker was good, made the crowd laugh and made them think at the same time.  Also another good thing that happened during the seminar were the…


Yes! Not only that my mind was blessed with knowledge and understanding and my soul was nourished with God’s word, but also I literally received a monetary blessing! Yup from the seminar! We all have.

Before that, the night the we arrived I lost my coin purse  that my very good friend from Australia gave me back in 2009. There were a few hundreds in that purse…roughly around 300 I think… I was frustrated for having lost it not really because of the money but because it was given by my friend. I took care of the purse for a very long time and I just lost it together with the keychain, he also gave.  I told God it’s okay,  but I prayed to him to please, let a needy person get it so he/she will be blessed with that little amount that’s in there. Then the next day, I got the monetary blessing from that seminar. God just replaced what I’ve lost with something of greater amount. I still want the wallet back though. But if it’s been used to bless others, then I have no complaints. 🙂

So I think, these are also the things to smile about and be  grateful about for the 2nd week of my January.

Rhythm Of My Game – Kaka’s beautiful testinomy.

20 Jan

Here’s the testimony of my most favorite football player in the world, KAKA:

I hope and pray that you will be blessed and touched also by this video. May God bless us all!

59 Seconds…

12 Jan

Her mobile phone rang just as she was about to hang up the desk phone. It was a missed call and a very familiar name appeared on the screen.

She looked again carefully to check if it was indeed the caller.

Then the mobile rang again.

This time, she was certain. And it wasn’t just a missed call. She took a deep breath and answered as she stepped outside their front door heading to the car where her father was waiting.

Her first word was,  “Hi.”

“Hi, Happy Birthday!”, he replied.

Her body was shaking but thankfully her voice wasn’t.

“Oh you remember”, she smiled as she inquired and hopped inside the car.

“Of course, I remember” he assured her.

Then he asked what’s she’s doing and how is she. She said she’s fine and doing great, but didn’t give too many information, although she wanted to tell him what she just recently accomplished. It was quite unbelievable for her though. She wonders, if it was really happening.

Then she asked, “What about you, how are you?”

“I’m just okay. Just waking up…” he started, then the next words were unclear as things started to just sink into her senses.

“It’s real, we’re really talking. He called me. He remembered.”, she thought to herself.

“I mean how are you…. what have you been doing these days…” she inquired again.

He answered but his voice was not so clear, maybe because of the bad reception of her mobile or maybe because she couldn’t seem to focus as she couldn’t believe it was really happening.

Then the line was cut.

She stared into nothingness for some brief seconds, still couldn’t believe it just happened. Then she looked at her mobile phone and took out her hands-free preparing for his call.

But he didn’t call again.

She was teary-eyed and her mind wandered. She wasn’t expecting it all.

She didn’t notice they already reached the school and was greeted with a loud happy birthday greeting by her sister, niece, bro-in-law and the teachers.

She checked the call logs to see the call’s duration. It says: “59 seconds”

And it was the most precious 59 seconds in her day.

Starting My Birthday Happy!

11 Jan

Yep, being happy is a choice. And I’m choosing to be happy on my birthday, which is today! Yup Today!

Well, the start of my birthday is good:

Friends already greeted me (via facebook, text or messengers) and my best friend Idy called me on Skype at 12 midnight, making him the first person to officially greet me on this day. 🙂 Then Ab, my friend Libya also greeted and called me.

And to make the day even more beautiful….

NEIL ETHERIDGE greeted me on Twitter!!!

Yes! He tweeted Happy Birthday to me! 🙂 Ain’t it awesome?

After Phil Younghusband’s tweet to me the other day, it’s Neil’s turn.

Here’s the proof:

neil38etheridge happy birthday tweet to me

Well, I did tell him it’s my birthday and that I’m hoping he could greet me and he did.  I’m the 3rd person to receive a tweet reply from him, since he just created his account just a few hours ago.

Happy! Happy! Happy! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Birthday Blues

10 Jan

Birthday Blues

Right,  as much as I want to deny it, it’s happening.  I’m having Birthday Blues really.

I didn’t want it, never. Not anymore. I always experience this birthday blues yearly.  I’ve sworn this year it won’t be the same.

My 2010 ended well and great. I had a blast last December – not working on holidays, spending time with family and friends, being just free and unattached to work commitments, going places around and outside Manila, winning, etc. Then my 2011 started well and full of hope. I told my friend, “I’m loving this positive vibes!”

But just when I thought I’d escape from the drama…

I got disappointed and sad over some stuff these past few days. I don’t even want recall everything that causes it, it will just make me even sadder.

Right, I don’t want to dwell on it. I still want to be positive and focus of the ‘blessings’ and things that are smile-worthy.  In a few hours, I’m turning a year older. Don’t ask the number. It’s forbidden. 😛

Oh well, I’m hoping to go to Baguio this week. Will tag along with Mom to her conference. While she attends the seminars, I’ll roam around Baguio City.  I guess I want to spend my day in a different place and also take a trip before I start with my new job next month.  Also, I am thinking of watching the Azkals practice tomorrow in UMAK as a way of celebrating my birthday. 🙂

Something To Smile About : Phil Younghusband replied to my tweet!

10 Jan

Okay, I was having some mood swings today, or maybe Birthday Blues and I wanted to write about it earlier. But now I’d rather write about things that are smile-worthy this week.

I started this smile-worthy post last week. I was thankful for the SB Journal. Now, this week, there are two things I would like to be thankful about and they are definitely worth not just my smile but appreciation and gratefulness to God.

So here they are:

1.  A local publishing company (OMFlit) just asked me if I would be interested in writing book reviews for them. I thought this is awesome! What an opportunity!


2. Phil Younghusband of the Philippine National Football Team or the Azkals just replied on my tweet. Hahahaha….. I know not much of a biggie but what the heck, it made me smile today. 🙂 Here’s the proof:

Phil Younghusband replied to me on Twitter. 😛

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