Birthday Blues

10 Jan

Birthday Blues

Right,  as much as I want to deny it, it’s happening.  I’m having Birthday Blues really.

I didn’t want it, never. Not anymore. I always experience this birthday blues yearly.  I’ve sworn this year it won’t be the same.

My 2010 ended well and great. I had a blast last December – not working on holidays, spending time with family and friends, being just free and unattached to work commitments, going places around and outside Manila, winning, etc. Then my 2011 started well and full of hope. I told my friend, “I’m loving this positive vibes!”

But just when I thought I’d escape from the drama…

I got disappointed and sad over some stuff these past few days. I don’t even want recall everything that causes it, it will just make me even sadder.

Right, I don’t want to dwell on it. I still want to be positive and focus of the ‘blessings’ and things that are smile-worthy.  In a few hours, I’m turning a year older. Don’t ask the number. It’s forbidden. 😛

Oh well, I’m hoping to go to Baguio this week. Will tag along with Mom to her conference. While she attends the seminars, I’ll roam around Baguio City.  I guess I want to spend my day in a different place and also take a trip before I start with my new job next month.  Also, I am thinking of watching the Azkals practice tomorrow in UMAK as a way of celebrating my birthday. 🙂


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