59 Seconds…

12 Jan

Her mobile phone rang just as she was about to hang up the desk phone. It was a missed call and a very familiar name appeared on the screen.

She looked again carefully to check if it was indeed the caller.

Then the mobile rang again.

This time, she was certain. And it wasn’t just a missed call. She took a deep breath and answered as she stepped outside their front door heading to the car where her father was waiting.

Her first word was,  “Hi.”

“Hi, Happy Birthday!”, he replied.

Her body was shaking but thankfully her voice wasn’t.

“Oh you remember”, she smiled as she inquired and hopped inside the car.

“Of course, I remember” he assured her.

Then he asked what’s she’s doing and how is she. She said she’s fine and doing great, but didn’t give too many information, although she wanted to tell him what she just recently accomplished. It was quite unbelievable for her though. She wonders, if it was really happening.

Then she asked, “What about you, how are you?”

“I’m just okay. Just waking up…” he started, then the next words were unclear as things started to just sink into her senses.

“It’s real, we’re really talking. He called me. He remembered.”, she thought to herself.

“I mean how are you…. what have you been doing these days…” she inquired again.

He answered but his voice was not so clear, maybe because of the bad reception of her mobile or maybe because she couldn’t seem to focus as she couldn’t believe it was really happening.

Then the line was cut.

She stared into nothingness for some brief seconds, still couldn’t believe it just happened. Then she looked at her mobile phone and took out her hands-free preparing for his call.

But he didn’t call again.

She was teary-eyed and her mind wandered. She wasn’t expecting it all.

She didn’t notice they already reached the school and was greeted with a loud happy birthday greeting by her sister, niece, bro-in-law and the teachers.

She checked the call logs to see the call’s duration. It says: “59 seconds”

And it was the most precious 59 seconds in her day.


2 Responses to “59 Seconds…”


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