Birthday, Baguio & Blessings!

29 Jan

This was supposed to be posted last week but I was too busy with other things so I just saved it in the draft and now finishing it….

So here it is…..


Happy Birthday to me!

Last week was great! I had a lot to be thankful for.

First would be, I celebrated my birthday last Tuesday. As for the age, please don’t even bother to ask. 🙂 I didn’t have a party at all… my choice. What did I do? Simple things… I went out for a coffee and cake.  I was supposed to go to the Salon but postponed to the next day due to an unforeseen circumstance that happened.

My mom cooked pasta at home. Actually, before I caught mom at the mall buying my birthday cake. It was supposed to be a surprised but I caught her! hahaha… She said, she’ll cook pasta and buy the cake. Well, I told her to cook but just make the ‘graham cake’ instead since we still have fruit cocktail at home and other ingredients that we didn’t use during the holidays.

(This usually happens when your birthday falls 10 days after new year’s day. Unopened pastas and sauces, cheese and others will be used. =P )

Then, of course the greetings from friends and super friends (nope, not superman and the team). I’m talking about my best friends… like Idy, Ces and others! And yes.. a phone call from M that made my birthday complete!  🙂


Manor Hotel, Baguio

I tagged along with my mother to her conference in Baguio, the day after my birthday. My initial plan though was roam around the city while mom attends the seminar. I don’t mind being alone. I’ve been to Baguio a lot of times so the place is already quite familiar. One reason I wanted to go there was to write.  I thought the green backdrop and the cool breeze will be good inspirations that’s why I really convinced mom to let me go with them.

trees at Camp John Hay

My former boss said though through my FB that “The nice cold weather is a bane of any writer” because he said I’d rather sleep than write or curl up in bed and watch a movie, LOL.  I still love the cold weather though. But true enough I wasn’t able to write (well I did but not really for a long time), not because I preferred sleeping or watching a movie, but because I attended mom’s seminar. And I have to say it was great! The speaker was good, made the crowd laugh and made them think at the same time.  Also another good thing that happened during the seminar were the…


Yes! Not only that my mind was blessed with knowledge and understanding and my soul was nourished with God’s word, but also I literally received a monetary blessing! Yup from the seminar! We all have.

Before that, the night the we arrived I lost my coin purse  that my very good friend from Australia gave me back in 2009. There were a few hundreds in that purse…roughly around 300 I think… I was frustrated for having lost it not really because of the money but because it was given by my friend. I took care of the purse for a very long time and I just lost it together with the keychain, he also gave.  I told God it’s okay,  but I prayed to him to please, let a needy person get it so he/she will be blessed with that little amount that’s in there. Then the next day, I got the monetary blessing from that seminar. God just replaced what I’ve lost with something of greater amount. I still want the wallet back though. But if it’s been used to bless others, then I have no complaints. 🙂

So I think, these are also the things to smile about and be  grateful about for the 2nd week of my January.


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