Life In A Metro

20 Mar

(I  started writing this post before writing My Bollywood Fascination article I posted here 2 months ago, but it’s only now that I’ve finished it. So here it is…)

Six different stories, about nine people, each with different issues and problems, all occurring within one place: the METRO.

Life In A Metro

I’ve watched this movie back in 2009 I think after it was recommended to me by M. He said so I can understand and know more about India and their culture.

Although the film has this Bollywood trademark of singing (no dancing in this one as much as I can remember) at the start or in between major events or scenes, making it look like a bit of a music video, it is not entirely your typical Bollywood flick.

The story line is interesting. Set in the urbanized Mumbai, it follows a story of 9 people facing different life struggles. The lives of the main characters intertwined with one another without some of them being aware of or even care about. And this reminds me of the local movie, Jologs, but that is completely of different genre. Maybe more of a Love Actually type.


The story revolves around call center agent who would do everything to survive a life in the city and protect the woman he secretly loves. The woman, who’s been searching for love in all wrong places, happens to be his boss’ mistress. Then there’s this young married couple having marital and infidelity issues. (Maybe as a result of being wed through fixed marriages perhaps? Just my assumption). And a woman who struggles in finding her better half and happens to be in love with the famous radio jock who turns out to be a closet queen, then falling for a person she never dreamed of spending her life with. Then there’s this old couple rekindling an interrupted love affair for choosing to live separate lives in the past. There’s the theater actor too who struggles both in finding love and a decent job. And of course, this man, my favorite character in the movie, this uber funny guy Monty, played by this brilliant actor, Irrfan Khan. Monty, like many Indians is a member of online-dating or meet-your-future-spouse site, which I think is sort of normal for them in India. This isn’t my first time to watch a flick with him on it. I guess this is the 3rd or even the 4th time and he always deliver his role convincingly.

The movie also showcases the recent economic situation in India – the emerging call center industry, the improved lifestyle of some being a positive benefit of globalization, and people leaving for the Middle East for lacking enough job opportunities to their growing population. It also showed the corrupted lifestyle of most people in the call center industry (sadly, it also happens in the  BPO industry in the Philippines. )

I even remember having an argument with M that time. He asked me several times if I already seen the movie. In one of his check points, I was already half way in finishing it and I told him how I hated one of the characters in it for not treating the woman right. He said that’s reality there. It angered me more with him confirming that it’s actually happening there. I complained how backwards it is there by treating women as second class citizens and how fixed marriages could be the culprit of infidelity and how they are too concern about what society would think of them. Then he said, if you don’t want to finish the movie, then don’t.

But I’m glad I did.

It angered me, made me cry, hurt my stomach for laughing too hard and made me realized a lot of things. The movie is beautiful as it is. It is a story of love and the characters’ struggles in finding it in the chaotic and diverse city of Mumbai.

Life in a Metro is now on my list of favorite flicks.


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