Taking A Cab

14 Aug

I won’t be writing about the horrors of taking a cab in Manila, because personally I haven’t experienced it and not looking forward to experiencing it. Never! I guess, the closest I’ve got was the overcharging, which happened  way back when I was still a student.

I’ve heard a lot of stories about people being victims of cab drivers’ rudeness, being held up by the drivers themselves, sometimes with an  accomplice, and the worst, being raped or killed. I came to know about their stories from forwarded emails or Facebook post shared by a friend of a friend. Whether their stories are real or not,  reading their taxi-horror stories made me very cautious and careful about the cab I take.

Actually, every morning before I leave for work I always ask God to protect me, guide me and provide the right transportation to get to work safe. I always pray that he provides me the right cab, with a polite, honest and courteous driver. And he never fails. There was one time I prayed for the right taxi, and he provided me a cab with Christian driver, how did I know? He is listening to some worship songs when I hopped in. Of course I asked him if he is and indeed he is! It was actually a great way to start the day – listening to some Gospels on your way to work! How cool!

I hope everyone would do the same thing – praying before the leaving their houses. Not only God will help you get to your destination safe, but also he will be glad to hear from you everyday! 🙂

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