DJ Scotty and that sexy Scottish accent. :)

20 Aug

There is this popular song by a local artist about requesting a song to a DJ. But don’t worry, I won’t sing it. LOL. 🙂

Well, it’s been a while since I wrote about the little things to smile about. (I should be doing this every week as my way of counting my blessings instead of complaining. Exercise the gratitude muscle. 🙂 ) So, for the “Something to Smile About” this week or let’s narrow it down to today, I will talk about DJ Scotty.

DJ who?

DJ Scotty of Jam 88.3.

I’m not sure what percentage of an audience share Jam 88.3 has but I think they also have quite a lot of listeners. Well I’m not exactly loyal to one radio station, but Jam 88.3 is one of those I like to tune in to. (Although, I don’t listen regularly to the radio.) So there, one sleepy Friday afternoon while at work and getting bored writing test cases I decided to listen to the radio from my mobile phone to perk myself up.

So there’s the DJ talking non-stop and playing music in between his talk. “Right, too much blabbing,” I thought at first. But because of beautiful music being played, I stayed tune. I didn’t pay too much attention on the incessant talking; I was just concerned about the music that’s why I sort of regularly listen to them every afternoon especially on Fridays since they play 90’s music.

Then as it when on, I sort of noticed something different with this DJ –aside from noticing that he is quite smart, knowing a lot of things (trivia and gen. info), I started to notice his accent too. Nope, it’s not an odd accent and it’s actually some sort of a British accent or something similar to that.  However,  the accent is only obvious when he pronounces some words and when he speaks in Filipino, he’s just as good as the locals. And with the way he talks, I was guessing that he’s around early 20’s or even late teens…so I thought, who is this kid DJ trying to sound foreign?

So I Googled and found out and he is actually Scottish! Right! I went to Jam88.3’s website and they have this live video streaming that you could actually see the Jocks in booth.

I found out his name is DJ Scotty (or James Crawford is his ‘real life’). And he is not trying to sound foreign, he is actually one! He is from Scotland, and have the Scottish accent, hence he is nicknamed “Scotty” LOL.

Well,I have to admit, I love his accent! 🙂 I’m such a sucker for ‘accent’. I don’t know but it is just very appealing to me when I hear a man with a beautiful accent.

Then today, just out of the blue, as I was listening to another DJ (Roanna I think), I thought about checking out their site again and saw the text marquee about how to send a message to JAM88.3. So I thought about sending a request to play the song JUMPER by 3rd Eye Blind and maybe some The Corrs song and I did. However I attended a training in my office that lasted for about 2 hours so I didn’t know if DJ Roanna played my request. When I got back to my seat, it was already DJ Scotty’s turn. So I decided to send the request again and after a few minutes, while working on my task and singing along with my favorite late 90’s music, DJ Scotty played JUMPER!!! I knew it was the request that I sent via text, so I was so happy singing along with it. That song is just nice and it reminds me of one of my favorite movies- Yes Man.

Then after the song, DJ Scotty said that the song is actually for me! Yup! He mentioned my name “Y.” 🙂 Then he said, “And she (pertaining to me) said that she actually likes me. Thanks for the cute smiley face. The message just captured my attention.” Hahaha… While I wouldn’t deny that I really did send a message about liking (him) and that cute smiley emoticon, what I actually wrote was that, “Btw, I love your accent.”  But it just made me laugh when he said that I like him. LOL. 🙂

Here's the DJ with the accent - DJ Scotty.

So there you go the thing that made me smile and happy today – hearing my requested song on the radio and capturing the attention of DJ Scotty.

And oh, I must admit, he is cute (at least from the way I see him from the live video streaming) although he sort of looks like a ‘boy’. 🙂


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