15 Advices I Would Give To The Younger Me

28 Aug

I came up with the list below after I read from a magazine a similar list (Advice From Your 25-Year Old Self). The list also reminded me of the movie, Time Traveler’s Wife when Alba (the daughter) who is also a traveler met her older self. So I thought if that happens to me, what advice would I give to a younger me.  Though this one sort of sound like a list of regrets for failing to do most of them before, I thought maybe for the ‘younger’ readers of this blog, the list will be helpful.  So here it goes.

Advice (From Google images)

1. Make a lot of friends.   —It doesn’t have to be too many. You do not have to be friends with everyone, but a least learn how to mingle with others. Socialize. But choose the people you hang out  with carefully. Stay away from BIs (Bad Influences). I like that you are not a people- pleaser, so keep it up.

2. Make sure you get in touch with them. — You graduate from high school and college, get a first job, resign and move to other company. And you lost the communication with the people you’ve been friends with all these years. So when you’re done with Advice # 1, get in touch with them on a regular basis. Make sure you won’t let 2 months pass without having a conversation with them.

3. Take care of your teeth. — Yup, this is very important. Visit the dentist at least twice a year for oral prophylaxis. You need braces for your teeth too.

4. Engage in Sports. — Play any sports – anything that will make you run and sweat. It’s good for the health and will boost your confidence. Learn football. You’ll fall in love that sport later on.

5. Look after your weight. Keep in shape.— Stay away from Chocolates, Cakes, Ice Cream and Fried Food. I mean it. You’ll find it hard to lose weight if you won’t stop.

6. Study Harder. I’m serious about this. — While school isn’t that important when you are in the ‘real world’, studying harder is.  Focus on your studies. Learn. Be serious about it. Do your homework and stop cramming. Don’t be a procrastinator.

7. Learn different Languages. — Learn how to speak, read and write in another language, apart from Filipino and English. But you should master Filipino, otherwise it will be such a shame that you don’t. Learn Spanish, Hindi, Italian or Korean. You’ll be interested with the countries associated with them later on, especially Hindi.

Advice (From Google images)

8. Learn to play  a musical instrument. — For the sake of having a ‘talent’, learn to play an instrument. Haha 🙂

9.  Take care of your skin. — While you like to run around the neighborhood, play hide and seek or climb trees, you should still take care of your skin by not bruising it. There will be occasions in the future that will require you to wear dresses or outfits that will reveal a bit of your skin, and you don’t want those scars to be seen for sure.

10. Read a lot. — No need for lengthy explanation. I know you do read a lot now so it’s good.

11. Learn how to drive. — So when your dad is tired, you can take the wheel.

12. Save. — Save a lot. Invest for your future. I know you like to help your boost your country’s economy :), but help yourself too by saving for your future. Save because you want to travel to different places.

13. Stay away from Credit Cards. — Your mother already told you about this. Listen to her. Plus it will always feel good to pay in cash and be debt-free.

14. Be nice. — Don’t be cruel to others. Give them a chance. You wouldn’t know what kind of a person they are if you won’t.

15. Guard your heart. — ‘Heart is the wellspring of life’ says the book of Proverbs, therefore you must guard it. While it is inevitable that you will have a crush on someone, fall in love and get your heart broken, you must learn how to guard your heart. Don’t do the same mistake twice. Stay away from men who are just good in words but never in action. If they cheated, let them go, they’ll probably do it again. You don’t want to be broken twice because of the same person.  You deserve to be treated well.


So what about you, what advice/s would you give to your younger you?

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