My First Moon Cake Festival

2 Oct

The DICE GAME (Moon Cake Festival) - (not my own image... just got this from google. To the owner of this photo, please let me know if you want me to take it down.thanks.)

Last Friday, we had a dice game at the office in celebration of the Moon Cake Festival. It was my first time to experience such event, my first time to play that dice game too! There were lots of food and prizes. I think half of the population in my office are either pure-blooded Chinese (although Philippine-born and already citizens here) or from Chinese descent, so that’s why the Moon Cake Festival is celebrated in our office at least every other year.

The dice game is played per group and in every group there are prizes for the players to keep. You are to throw the six dice into a bowl and there is a corresponding prize if you met the combination. Now what I’m not sure is if the combinations are something set by the committees or they are the default combinations ever since the human civilization began. 🙂 (I’m too lazy to Google). The dice when thrown shouldn’t fall out of the bowl or you lose your turn. It’s actually a game of luck. You are to get 1 ‘four’ die at least to get a prize, the more ‘four’ dice, the better prize you can get. Players take turns throwing the dice and I’ll say, if you didn’t get any ‘four’ the entire time you play, then you are totally and officially unlucky. 🙂 The one who has a ‘more four’ in each group will get to chance to choose from the grand prizes.

I heard, in some mooncake festivals, the prizes at stake are simple – money, some food, and in others, some expensive gadgets or appliances and a large sum of money. In our office, the grand prizes were LG TV, mobile phones, external hard drives, some home appliances and others.

I won, yeah some foods not the major prize. Hehe… It was great to experience a new thing. I had fun playing the dice game! 🙂


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