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My Baby Sister as the Beautiful Bride

30 Nov

Before I narrate about my KL Trip, I would like to write first about my baby sister’s wedding last weekend.

Yes my youngest sister got married last November 26, 2011. It’s been a few days already but I can’t still believe that she already tied the knot with her boyfriend of 5 years. I admit that I didn’t approve their relationship at the start. I didn’t like him for my sister. No, he is not a bad guy. There are a few reasons. One would be, my sisters and I are very close and I think I was threatened that someone would interfere with our closeness and that things will be no longer the same. Our eldest sister is already married but I had no problems with her husband at all even when he was still a boyfriend. I think because he got a charming personality and made an effort to get close to all of us including our relatives so welcoming him to our family wasn’t a problem at all.  But in my youngest sister’s case, it was different.  Another would be, I, being an older sister, am very protective of her. I think it is natural that an older sibling gets very protective over the younger ones especially if they tend to be very dependent on you. And she sometimes have a tendency to be  gullible too. I know my sister, how she thinks, how she reacts…what makes her mad or sad…almost everything. She is our ‘bunso’ (youngest). I grew up looking after her all the time. She’d go to me when she runs out of money at school and calls me to pick her up from her university when she’s feeling tired or dizzy.

I always want the best for her. We all do in the family, since s.he’s the youngest. We want her to get the best education, a good and comfortable life, and to have the best husband. I guess I forgot that my sister is no longer that kid I always look after to. She’s all grown up and now capable of making decisions on her own. I guess the ‘Ate’ (big sister) needs to go back to the backseat and let her take wheel.

Anyway, I’m glad things were ironed out before they got married. Her fiancé made an effort to set up a lunch date with my family so we could all talk. It turned out well. Now both my sisters are married, I am the only one left. And people around me are bugging when’s my turn. I forgot, I was supposed to to have a custom-made shirt that says “The next person who will ask me when I’ll get married will get a punch in the face!” and wear it on the wedding day. LOL.

Well, best wishes to my baby sister and my new bro-in-law. It is my prayer that they have a wonderful life together as they start a family.

But my sister, no matter how old she will be, will always be my baby sister. I love you bunso!

My baby sister and bro-in-law, looking very happy on their wedding day, even the photographers can't help but feel the love. 🙂


Back From KL

23 Nov

Yes, I’m back. This will be a quick post. Will write about my KL Trip soon. 🙂

High Maintenance? Me? Of course Not.

7 Nov

A few days ago my friend F and I were looking for the place to stay in KL through the internet and discussing about it over Skype. His requirements were simple – clean hostel, male-only dorm is available, shared bathroom isn’t a problem, safe place to stay and near the city center.

My requirements? Don’t even get me started. Haha… For this trip, I decided that I, too will stay in a Hostel, same hostel where my friend is staying. But before I even came into that decision, it took me a loooooong time (Read: WEEKS) to pick between staying in a Hotel or a Hostel. I was too concerned of the place I am staying since it will be my first time to visit the country.

The hostel we picked looks nice and clean. From the reviews I’ve read from a booking site, it is one of the top-rated in Malaysia. But I didn’t settle for one website alone, I googled a lot to get as much information about the hostel. F laughed at me when I told him to check out the Hostel’s Facebook page. He said that I am very paranoid and that the reviews in the booking site should be enough. I showed him the pictures that the hostel is located in a very strategic place, being very close to the monorail station in their shopping district, that there is a pharmacy, a clinic, convenience stores, clothing store, malls across the street and even fast food nearby and that, this is very important, THERE IS A POLICE STATION just few steps away from the Hostel’s entrance.

He asked me… “So the sight of the police station outside made you agree to take the hostel?”

I said Yes! Hahaha… But I’m still not 100% convince to take it I said. He suggested though that I book a private room with its own bathroom if I am uncomfortable with the common baths and so I have privacy. As for him, he is a traveler and stayed in many hostels in Europe so sharing rooms with others and even the bath isn’t an issue. Only that this time, he requires staying in a male-only dorm not to get into trouble with his uber conservative family and fiancé.

I went on checking more pictures of the rooms and told him, I don’t want a windowless room.

He chuckled and said, “I hope you won’t be like this when we travel around KL… you have so many requirements!”

I asked, “What are you trying to say then, that I am high maintenance?”

Still laughing he answered, “Yes” but then quickly added, “But I understand why you are this concern, it will be your first time in a Hostel.”

Yeah sort of my first time, especially in a foreign country, but I’ve stayed in one when I went with mom to Baguio for a church-related conference. The difference is that I knew almost everyone staying there since we booked the entire hostel and that it is in my country, my territory.

I asked him, “Do you think I can stay in the female-only dorm-type room?”

He said, “Yes, why not.”

“You think I am that brave to sleep at night with ‘strangers’ in the room?”

He said, “Yes you are.”

“You think I can stay in a room with girls, who are most likely to be from different countries?”

He said, “Yes. You’ve already seen a naked woman right?”

I freaked out and exclaimed “WHAT?!!!!”

He said, “I’m kidding. Hahaha… Maybe they’ll just walk around the room in their underwears.”

“Oh…” was all I could utter. I was almost speechless. Man, I can only do that with my sisters or mom in the room not other people.

I told him, I might consider the female-only dorm-type room first because it is a lot cheaper as private rooms are almost the same price as the hotels, and second because, it is going to be a new experience for me and a good chance to meet new people. And I thought I should loosen up a bit. Then he went on to assure me that it will be fine, that I will be fine.

Then he said, “Okay now, let’s book. You book first.”

It took me a while to respond because I was checking out hotels nearby after our other friend, ‘best friend Idy’ suggested that I stay in a Hotel instead. I was confused. Idy has a point. I should book for a hotel instead for my safety.

I went back to F and said, “Wait. Wait. Wait”

Confused, he asked, “Why? What happened?”

I told him, I’m still not sure of the hostel and I’m considering a hotel. All he could say was, “Women!” LOL. But he is already decided to stay at the hostel and we agreed that if ever I want a hotel, it should be around the area so he can easily pick me up in the morning and take me back to the hotel at night. Idy even suggested the same thing.

Then after a few days of sorting out my options and seeking suggestions from my family and Idy, I decided to take the female-only dorm room in the Hostel. LOL. I booked and paid the 10% required deposit plus the service charge. The remaining balance should be paid in cash on my last day at the hostel.

I immediately told F, who is already roaming around Asia by the time, about the booking I made in the same hostel and my brave decision to take the dorm-type room. He replied saying “Good. See you soon then.”

But…. But… But…

LOL. Yes, there is a but…

As of this writing, things might still change… I’m still looking at the option of staying in a secured HOTEL room after my mother told me about the bad dream she had about me just the other night. Told F about it and he okayed it. 🙂

Call me paranoid or fickle-minded (I am a woman, I have the right to change my mind after 2 seconds. LOL) but I am not taking that dream for granted. It could be a warning or something. Plus, I had to please my parents so they will stop worrying.

And I am NOT high maintenance. I am just guarding myself. 🙂

Rant – I’m no longer excited for my KL Trip

5 Nov

I don’t know but I’m no longer excited for my KL Trip.  But then, I already booked.

Maybe it’s because my ultra conservative parents, after learning that I’m meeting a male friend in KL, freaked out! I tried my best to explain that there is nothing going on, we are just friends, period! I’m not interested in him romantically. He is not interested in me either. Plus he is engaged to get married soon and very in love with the gf. Plus, I am still so in love with M! Sometimes parents are too much worried. They have to learn to trust, to let go of their children… after all I am a grown up woman. Come on, if I am 19 years old, then yes, tell me what to do.  But I will be 3-decade old soon.

I assured them I will be okay. My friend will look after me too. I told them my need to travel and see the world. I am a writer. I cannot be boxed or placed in one room. What am I going to write about if I won’t go out and explore. Sadly I still struggle in trying to make my parents understand that their daughter is different. That I am not the typical girl/woman who just wants make up, partying and cute guys. I read, I write, I travel, I think a lot. And these thoughts need to be put into writing otherwise it will torture me at night.

I am open minded but I keep my values. I know when to say No and when I say No, it’s a No. I stand firm on that.  One example is in the workplace, I have become what they say the ‘untouchable’ because I have ‘established’ a reputation from the very start that I am someone you can’t bully or dictate.

My parents have to learn how to trust me and others. Yes, the world is cruel. There are so many bad guys out there. But you can’t live in fear forever. You can’t stay at home forever because you want to feel safe. Things can happen even if you are just right inside your comfortable house. Go out and see the world. And LEARN. That way, you will know more how you can protect yourself.

I understand where they’re coming from. They are parents. It is natural that they protect their offspring, it’s a natural instinct. Parents are parents. No question about it. I was even asked by best friend Idy, what if I am the parent and my daughter will be traveling and meeting a male friend.. it was actually hard to answer. The ‘mother’ in me answered, ‘Can I also go with my daughter to meet her friend?”  (Hahaha…  Idy really knows how I think and how to convince me in a subtle way!) Yes, I understand that point of view. Man, I would do everything for my kid’s safety.  But I would also want to them to learn. I don’t want them to be naive of the world they live in.  I appreciate my parents so much and I love them.  I guess parents, no matter how old their children will be, they will always be ‘kids’ to them.

Well, our ending was, they are letting me but they said they are just reminding me that I should look after myself at ALL TIMES and PRAY.

And yes, I think, what we can all do is just PRAY and ENTRUST everything to GOD.  God gave us wisdom and not the spirit of fear but of power, love and  sound mind. (I Timothy 1:7)

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