Rant – I’m no longer excited for my KL Trip

5 Nov

I don’t know but I’m no longer excited for my KL Trip.  But then, I already booked.

Maybe it’s because my ultra conservative parents, after learning that I’m meeting a male friend in KL, freaked out! I tried my best to explain that there is nothing going on, we are just friends, period! I’m not interested in him romantically. He is not interested in me either. Plus he is engaged to get married soon and very in love with the gf. Plus, I am still so in love with M! Sometimes parents are too much worried. They have to learn to trust, to let go of their children… after all I am a grown up woman. Come on, if I am 19 years old, then yes, tell me what to do.  But I will be 3-decade old soon.

I assured them I will be okay. My friend will look after me too. I told them my need to travel and see the world. I am a writer. I cannot be boxed or placed in one room. What am I going to write about if I won’t go out and explore. Sadly I still struggle in trying to make my parents understand that their daughter is different. That I am not the typical girl/woman who just wants make up, partying and cute guys. I read, I write, I travel, I think a lot. And these thoughts need to be put into writing otherwise it will torture me at night.

I am open minded but I keep my values. I know when to say No and when I say No, it’s a No. I stand firm on that.  One example is in the workplace, I have become what they say the ‘untouchable’ because I have ‘established’ a reputation from the very start that I am someone you can’t bully or dictate.

My parents have to learn how to trust me and others. Yes, the world is cruel. There are so many bad guys out there. But you can’t live in fear forever. You can’t stay at home forever because you want to feel safe. Things can happen even if you are just right inside your comfortable house. Go out and see the world. And LEARN. That way, you will know more how you can protect yourself.

I understand where they’re coming from. They are parents. It is natural that they protect their offspring, it’s a natural instinct. Parents are parents. No question about it. I was even asked by best friend Idy, what if I am the parent and my daughter will be traveling and meeting a male friend.. it was actually hard to answer. The ‘mother’ in me answered, ‘Can I also go with my daughter to meet her friend?”  (Hahaha…  Idy really knows how I think and how to convince me in a subtle way!) Yes, I understand that point of view. Man, I would do everything for my kid’s safety.  But I would also want to them to learn. I don’t want them to be naive of the world they live in.  I appreciate my parents so much and I love them.  I guess parents, no matter how old their children will be, they will always be ‘kids’ to them.

Well, our ending was, they are letting me but they said they are just reminding me that I should look after myself at ALL TIMES and PRAY.

And yes, I think, what we can all do is just PRAY and ENTRUST everything to GOD.  God gave us wisdom and not the spirit of fear but of power, love and  sound mind. (I Timothy 1:7)


4 Responses to “Rant – I’m no longer excited for my KL Trip”

  1. addielicious November 5, 2011 at 1:50 pm #

    I have the same dilemma. The only difference is that I am not the one flying out of the country. Phil is. And we’ve never even met. And sure my siblings are gonna freak out and forbid me to ever do that. What is if he’s a murderer? A rapist? An alien? Hehe. So, I’m not telling. My closest friends know about it, though. I understand the thing about your parent.
    I say go take the trip! You said you were gonna ‘write’ about it. You promised! 😦

    • y November 6, 2011 at 2:20 pm #

      Hey Addielicious!

      Well for my parents, it is a lot better for my friend to come over to Manila and meet. I think, Phil going to our country is somehow easier to explain to family members that you flying out of the country to meet him. Surely, they will freak out! I think it is best that you tell them and introduce Phil to your family. At least they know who you’re with.

      As for my case, my parents both knew that I have friends I meet online. I talk to them almost everyday and they sometimes get to talk to them also. I have been very transparent about my trips abroad and the friends I meet. Like this KL trip, I have been telling this to them since September, before I booked for my flight and place to stay. I even showed them the pictures of the place and asked what they think about it. I didn’t hide anything.

      And just recently, mom told me she had a dream about me calling out to her as if crying and asking for help. She was quite concern of what that means. So I’m still undecided now whether to go or not, even if things are all prepared.

      Don’t worry, I will still write about my KL Trip. The question is, will I be touring soon or not? 😀


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