Say CAR the British way.

28 Jan

I just remembered one funny conversation I had with my male best buddies – Idy and F. We were on a conference call via Skype. The usual scenario when we’re on a group call would be Idy and F would join forces teasing me or making fun of me, while I solely defend myself from their bullying. 😛 But in this particular conversation, it wasn’t me on the hot seat. It was Idy. Here’s how the conversation went as I remember it.


F: Idy, why do you British people hardly pronounce the “R”?

Idy: What? Of course we do!

Y: *laughing out loud*

F: No, you don’t!  When you guys say “CAR” , you don’t say the “R”… like “Cuuuuhhh”


Idy: *laughing* Of course not. We do pronounce the “Uuuhhh” (he means “R”)

Y: *chuckling* Idy it’s “R” not “Uuuuhhh” hahahaha…

F: *laughing* Try to say it, say CAR.

Idy: Cuuuhhh (CAR).

F: *laughing* See, you didn’t say the R.  Try it.  Come on, say “Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr” (*with an emphasis on R sound*)

Idy: *laughing* No!

F: Come on, just say it…. “Rrrrrrrrrrrrr”

Y: *LOL*

Idy: *laughing* That’s not how you pronounce the “Uuuhhh”

F: *laughing* Just try it…. “Rrrrrrrrrrrr”

*I swear I was laughing too much that my tummy  already hurts. LOL *

Idy: *laughing* That’s not the proper way to pronounce it. Ask the English Teacher (*referring to me).

F: Y, tell him to pronounce it.

Y: *still laughing* Idy, yes you hardly say the “R” sound when the words end in “R”. You say, “Uuhhhh” instead. I think most British are like that.

Idy: *laughing* “Whatevuuuuhhh! (Whatever)

F and Y: *laughing* There you go again!



2 Responses to “Say CAR the British way.”

  1. Addie February 1, 2012 at 5:34 pm #

    You awl uh crazy! Stop picking on Idy, fuh God’s sike!

    • Y February 1, 2012 at 8:47 pm #

      Haha… if this is facebook, I’ll ‘like’ your comment. 😛

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