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Thank God I’m Still Alive

9 Feb

(*This is an old post that I wrote back in December 5, 2006 in my now defunct blog. I was reminded of this experience after Addie blogged about the unfortunate thing that happened to her coworker just this week. Mine, happened during my English-teaching days when I had to leave for work at 4 in the morning. It was so traumatic that I skipped work for the entire week, and that everyday after that incident, for about a year, my dad had to wake up early too to drive me to work because I can no longer take public transportation alone. Thankfully, I was able to overcome that fear as time passed by, through the grace of God.)

 I’m really thankful to God. I consider this my second life now. I could be dead yesterday. 

My bag was snatched from me yesterday by a man inside a car. It happened when I was on my way to work at about 4:40 a.m. right in front of the Catholic Church in downtown Pasig City. It happened so quickly. I just got off from the jeepney and walked only a few steps, when suddenly I felt like one of the straps of my leather backpack tangled into something. I thought in a jeepney, but little did I know, it was being pulled by a man in the car, sitting in the passenger seat. I hardly noticed the red car. The man whose face I didn’t even have a chance to see, pulled my bag while the car was in motion that dragged me a feet or two away from where I was and causing me to turn 180 degrees and fall on the ground, face first.  It was so quick. It was the few seconds in my life where I could not hear, see or feel anything… I had a blackout. Then I heard people screaming and saw my umbrella a few feet away from me. That’s when I realized what happened, that I lost my bag. People around the church, vendors and tricycle drivers came to my rescue. They helped me got up and asked which part of my body was aching. One of them even offered me a glass of water, some were telling me about my bruises because they saw some blood dripping from my forehead and left arm and others were asking questions about what the bag contains. Despite the bruises, I didn’t feel anything. I think all I was able to say to them was, “I need to call home, I need to call home”. My whole body was shaking. I felt so scared and so weak. Then two men volunteered to accompany me to the nearest police station which is just two blocks away. One of them even asked me the place where I live and offered me money to go home. And mind you, these are the poor people trying to make a living from selling something outside the church, yet they still offered me money so I can go home. I politely refused and said thank you, but I will just call my parents to pick me up. 

At the police station, there was reporter from a TV network and police men who asked me about what happened. I didn’t know how but I narrated to them the incident. Then I started to feel the pain from the bruises that I have. One police officer offered me a tissue paper to wipe off the blood. Then I called my parents. My father, who was ill that time, thought it was just a simple snatching incident, he even told me to go to my office but after explaining to him, he immediately informed my mother since he can’t drive to where I was. After that, 2 cops in a mobile car came and escorted me to the hospital. But when we got there, all they did is look at my bruises and ask questions, then issued a medical police report. They didn’t even give me a first aid; they only gave me a list of medicine to buy to ease the pain. We went back to the police station. And there was my mom.

I forgot to thank those people who helped me got up and the two men who walked me to the police station. They left while I was on the phone talking to my parents. The reporter even asked me to narrate my experience in front of the camera, but I refused. I don’t want to appear on national television with all those bruises on my face, arms, hands and knees. So he just reported the news over the radio. I also want to thank the reporter and the cops for their efforts to make me smile despite of what happened.

And of course, how will I forget to thank my Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ for allowing me to live again. Yes, I am thankful for the second chance that He gave me.

May this serve as a lesson to everyone and a warning as well. Let us all pray and ask for God’s protection and guidance, not only when we are going out but all the time. Yesterday morning as I was about to leave, mom reminded me to say a prayer, but for some reasons, I didn’t. I was kind of in a ‘rebellion state” (oh it’s something between me and God) and what happened was a wake up call. I could be dead yesterday but God is good. I may have experience a bad thing but all things work together for good and I believe that He has a purpose why He allowed it to happen. 


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