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Free Concert (A Rocket to the Moon)

17 Feb

This evening,  after I finished work I dropped by the Glorrietta mall to do some bank transactions. Then I heard there was a band playing and girls screaming. Must be “some band” I thought. After I was done with the ATM, I walked through this huge crowd swarming the activity area of the mall and heard the band play their music closely. They’re good. I particularly like the drumbeats and guitar sounds. I squeezed myself in the crowd trying to see who they are. But men in front me of are really tall, and I was wearing flats too, so I can’t see them at all.

I saw the the huge tarpaulin with names and pictures of 5 groups but I don’t know who currently were playing. Being mostly into non-mainstream music, those names in the tarp are ‘unknown’ to me. I later found out that the band is called “A Rocket to the Moon.” How come I’ve never heard of them? With the throng of mostly young women singing on the top of their lungs to the band’s songs,  they must be ‘popular’ I thought? Well maybe not so because I do not know them. 😛

They’re kind of interesting so I stayed for a while to listen more and see what this band is like. I found the good spot from on the 2nd floor overlooking the performers and the fan girls downstairs. Man, those girls are crazy! Well I was like them when I was their age. LOL. Then I moved to the ground floor and there was a better spot there to enjoy the music. I was alone but I was enjoying. The screams were deafening but I liked it! I think it’s because it reminds me so much of myself back in the days. 🙂  Oh well!  I do not know any of their songs but I must admit that I enjoyed the 30-minute free rock concert this evening.  So I guess that band has a good future.

(*Found out too from Google that A Rocket to the Moon has been around since 2006. So it’s been 6 years and tonight was the first time I’ve seen and heard them. I listened to their songs via youtube, and I must say, that ‘LIVE’ sounds so much better. 🙂 )

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