Romi Garduce and the 7 Summits

4 Mar

I just finished watching the documentary of the very first Filipino who completed the 7 Summits, Romi Garduce. Just two months ago, he successfully climbed up the tallest mountain in Antartica – Vinson Massif that completed his mountaineering dream of getting to the top of the tallest mountains in 7 Continents. It was very inspiring. I am just proud of him. How he faced the obstacles and overcame it – the extremely cold and insane weather, steep terrain and all that sort, he is really someone to be admired for. The documentary also showed the other summits that he successfully conquered including the Mt. Everest and the crazy one in Australia, forgot it’s name. It is where you have to pass through the 4 ropes to get to the other side, measuring about 50ft in distance, before you can get to the top. It was so scary! However, I realized,  though I may consider marrying someone who is into sports, whether professionally or not (ehem Denis Wolf. LOL), (or better yet someone into arts) I don’t want to marry a mountaineer! No way! And it’s just scary and dangerous. I am just worried  that he may make me a widow too soon for engaging in such extreme sports/activity, but I think I am a lil more concern about dying first of heart attack just thinking about what he’ll have to go through to get to the top. So no way! Haha!

Anyway, congratulations Romi! We’re proud of you! 🙂

Romi Garduce who conquered the 7 Summits in 7 continents! (image c/o PEP website)



2 Responses to “Romi Garduce and the 7 Summits”

  1. nepaliaustralian March 9, 2012 at 7:27 am #


    I have tagged you. Please click the link for detail. 🙂


    • Y March 9, 2012 at 8:11 pm #

      Hey thank you for tagging me. 🙂

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