Messi’s Newest Fan

10 Mar

I am a Real Madrid fan, a Madrista and I’m writing about the famous Lionel Messi who belongs to Real Madrid’s archrival team Barcelona. He was recently awarded as the world’s best football player and TIME even called him “possibly the best football player of all time.”

I got a chance to watch him play for his club a couple of weeks ago against Valencia in one of the La Liga matches and although it wasn’t the first time I saw him play, (I’ve seen him play for his home country Argentina during the world cup and even in matches against my favourite Real Madrid) but I have to say that it was only after that game that I was awed of his football skills when he scored not just one but four goals in one game. And just a few days ago, he scored 5 goals during one of the Champions League matches while playing Germany’s Leverkusen that ended in 7-1 scoreline.

Lionel Messi (c/o google images)

I admit that I have biases when it comes to Real Madrid. For me, they’re the best and their players are awesome. Of course, my most favourite athlete in whole universe is there – KAKA and my second love, Ronaldo (after the Philippine’s Denis Wolf. Haha!), my Spanish relative –Iker (Hey, I have 0000.01 % Spanish blood 😛 ), the rest of the boys and of course “the special one” – the world’s most entertaining coach- Jose Mourinho. So Barca being the number one nemesis of Real Madrid would not get my support especially when they’re playing Madrid. And despite the football world’s recognition of Messi as the best player, he still gets little or no attention from me.

But after the Valencia game, I have to admit, he’s now got my eye on him. How fast he ran in the pitch and still maintaining the ball’s possession while managing to get pass through the two or three players trying to snatch the ball from him, then scoring a goal is just fantastic! As mentioned, he led his team to victory with 4 goals plus another one from Xavi, leaving Valencia stuck with 1 goal the entire 90 minutes.  And despite the impressive performance, the Argentine remains humble. I understand the need for the players to celebrate their goals in any match, like Ronaldo who used to dive or slide in the pitch as his teammates swarmed on top of him. Messi, as I observed isn’t much of a show off. Yes he celebrates his goals too but he’s not a swagger, no “I am the Man” gestures.

Messi on TIME Magazine.

He was recently featured as a cover story of TIME magazine for their February 6, 2012 issue calling him KING LEO. I’ve learned from Bobby Ghosh’s interview with him about his struggles as a child having growth deficiency and the controversy on how the world’s best footballer is celebrated wherever he goes but not back in his birth country Argentina. The article helped won my heart. It must have been hard for him to be treated unfairly in his very own country. (The article explains why. )

Recently, he helped Argentina’s national team won in a friendly against Switzerland. I hope at least the result have changed how the Argentines look at him.

I have to say, that after the game with Valencia and reading the article from TIME, I am now Messi’s newest fan. He may belong to Madrid’s biggest opponent  but I am now a fan. Though Kaka would still top my list followed by the rest of Madrid boys and my own Philippine Azkals, Messi is definitely a footballer to admire.


2 Responses to “Messi’s Newest Fan”

  1. jumpingpolarbear March 10, 2012 at 2:51 am #

    People who are not fans of Messi are not fans of football 🙂

    • Y March 10, 2012 at 10:38 am #

      Not really. But I have to say he’s really an amazing football player of this generation. Thanks for liking my post anyway 🙂

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