Free Hugs

23 Apr

Remember the Free Hugs campaign? The one where people roam around the city holding this huge banner that says “Free Hugs”? Well this morning I remembered that. Reason? I will mention in a while.

From what I remember (I’m too lazy to google right now) “the free hugs” campaign was started by an Aussie guy named Juan Mann a few years ago. He  was depressed and one day at some bar I think, some random strangers gave him hugs that uplifted him. So he thought about giving free hugs to others too, thinking that his random act of kindness would make others (who may be feeling upset) feel better too. Soon after, other countries started doing the “free hugs” too – like in the Philippines.

I came across the video of the Aussie guy a few years ago and I remember, the first I saw it, I was so touched I cried. Same reaction when I saw the video with the same free hugs campaign done in my country.



Then a year ago (or maybe two), I saw a guy in his teen holding a sign of “Free Hugs” at the mall while walking with his two friends. Of course people were staring at them, some were smiling and others looking very curious at what they were doing. I was thinking of approaching him and get my free hug, but I don’t know, something held me back, probably because  the guy holding the sign wasn’t smiling at all or that he looks shy because he kept his head down most of the time and seemed to be avoiding eye contact with the people around. I don’t know but I thought maybe that teen guy’s free hugs campaign was a flop. Dunno’ really, not sure.

Well, last time I read something about the Juan Mann was that he “retired” from doing the free hugs but was looking for someone to replaced him and spearhead the campaign. Dunno’ if he already found one. There are still people doing this in some countries though.

I think I want to see some do this “Free Hugs” again in my city. Just seeing them makes me smile. Also because after what happened this morning – I cried – I thought I want and need a hug.

image c/o google images



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