Sad day: Real Madrid vs. Munich

26 Apr

Last night was the 2nd game of the semi-final match between Real Madrid and Bayern Munich. I didn’t get to watch it live like I did over the weekend during the La Liga match with Barcelona because the game started at 2:45am in my side of the world. But as soon as I woke up this morning, I reached for my phone and checked who won… RMA’s captain Iker Casillas FB updates read: “Real Madrid 2 (Ronaldo) – 1 Munich (Robben)”. I was like “Yes! We won!”

I was so happy, very positive and even shared the news to my cousin that Madrid will face Chelsea in the Final…. until I reached the office, googled for the result and read, ” Bayern and Chelsea in the Final”…

“WHAT? NO WAY!” I read it again and yes it says, “Bayern Munich” not Real Madrid. Damn!  I actually forgot that during the first game (away match), the score was 2-1 also in favor of Munich, so that means, it was a tie. So there was a penalty shootout. Unfortunately, Munich won with 3-1 during the shootout.

I didn’t know how it happened, but Cristiano Ronaldo and my favorite Kaka were both denied to score in the penalty round. It was heart breaking. 😦 When I watched the highlights and saw Kaka so disappointed, I felt so sad. 😦

But despite the result, Santiago Bernabéu gave Madrid a huge round of applause at the end. I wish I was there to show support to the guys, especially in this difficult times. I am still very proud of the boys, so I still would say,


Anyway, congratulations to Munich. They will be facing the Chelsea who ousted the current champion Barca just the other night.

So who will I cheer now in the Final? Chelsea!!!  

Here are some pictures from the last night’s match:

Real Madrid boys, after Ronaldo's goal.

"The Bernabéu gave Madrid a huge round of applause at the end, but it is Bayern who reached the final." -

Iker and Mourinho - I love these two men!

The crowd at Santiago Bernabeu. I wish I was there to cheer for the Whites!


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