Hanson At His Wedding

23 May

Hanson At His Wedding

A few months ago I have learned about this guy from the UK named Bishop, who posted videos on youtube asking the American band Hanson to play on his wedding day on July 28 of this year. He started doing the video pleas a year ago (Feb 2011 I think) with his friend because he wanted to surprise his wife-to-be on their big day since she, actually both of them are fans of the band. Yeah, why not? Your favorite band playing on your wedding day? That would be wickedly awesome!  So he started his blog, posting videos everyday trying to persuade (beg) Hanson to play at his wedding. Yeah, like Every Single Day!

And what was Hanson’s response?

Nada. Nothing. Zip. None.

But still Bishop was persistent and very dedicated so he went on with his goal to make his bride happy by posting more videos. Then after more than a year, just 4 days ago to be exact, he posted his 457th video. He was gutted. Hanson hasn’t responded to him yet but he learned that Hanson booked a gig on his wedding day.  Sad day. 😦

After watching the video, I also felt sad.  I felt like I was also part of it  that I was also feeling devastated to learn that it will be impossible for Hanson to play on his wedding. I was gutted too.

But then despite that, he still went on creating videos and even said that he will complete the 529 vids he ought to make until his wedding day. He thanked the band and said that he’ll still help promote their music.

Well I thought even though Hanson cannot make it on their grand day, maybe they will do something for them, perhaps make a video surprise for the couple or something. Actually, I was sure Hanson will do something for them. And I was right.

Hanson At His Honeymoon

Just yesterday Hanson posted this on their official youtube channel as a response to Bishop’s pleas:

Yes, Hanson may not be there on his wedding day but the trio asked him if he would be willing to let them play on their honeymoon instead! Wow! Just Wow. Hanson on His Honeymoon instead! Well, 2nd honeymoon as Hanson mentioned on the vid because it would be “creepy” if it’s on their real honeymoon. 😛

Hanson explained that they already have a commitment that day and that they don’t do weddings actually, except their own. But they went on to say that they admire Bishop’s dedication so as a gift to the couple instead, they’re flying them to Jamaica for Hanson’s Back to the Island party in January 2013, all-expense-paid by the band! Whoa! Now that is an incredible gift!

As soon as Bishop watched Hanson’s proposition, he immediately replied:

For the avoidance of doubt, my answer is unequivocally yes and thank you!”

And he posted this video,  all smiles! Look at the happiness in his eyes.

I am just happy for Bishop and his bride-to-be. Even though I didn’t really follow his everyday video pleas, like I said earlier, I felt like I am part of it, so after I watched his video above, I felt so happy. I could feel his happiness. 🙂

Well you guys know that Hanson is one of the two bands I love in my whole life (Jars of Clay is the other one) and stories like his just makes me feel proud that I am their fan. Like one youtube commenter says:

“And people still ask why we love Hanson.”

Well obviously, this is one of the reasons.

Visit Bishop’s blog:  http://hansonatmywedding.tumblr.com/


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