Writing Today, Not Tomorrow.

28 Jun

I just read Jeff Goins’s post on “Why You Need to Write Every Day”, and while on it, I felt inspired and compelled to “write”, however I said to myself, since it is late already, (10:30pm in my city), I will start the “writing everyday” tomorrow instead.  I had a long day at work, and I have no more energy and that all I could do is read his ebook or his blogposts. But in the article,  Jeff said, just write and stop making excuses but, before I even finish the article, there I was, already making excuses on why I shouldn’t do it. Right!

At the end of the article, he said, “Don’t wait until tomorrow. Get started now. Spend 30 minutes today taking it one step further in the development process. So what if it sucks? You need to get those juices flowing.” And I literaly laughed because that is what I was thinking that moment.

And that was the reason for this post, I just don’t want to wait until tomorrow to write and I have to do it now, today and I don’t care if it sucks! Hahaha!!! At least I’ve written something and didn’t wait till tomorrow. 🙂

So good night, will write again tomorrow. As part also of the discipline I am starting now (yes not tomorrow), I will go to bed early today so I can get up early tomorrow! Yey!

If you want to be inspired too and learn more on writing and the discipline a writer should have, read Jeff Goins blog here or better yet download his ebook  – You Are a Writer (So Start Acting Like One).


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