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Something To Smile About : Euro 2012, Writing, My Dad

22 Jul

It’s been a while since I last updated my “Something To Smile About” list. I am supposed to be doing it weekly to flex my gratitude muscles, but because I haven’t been able to blog often these days, I didn’t get much time to contemplate on the things that matters to me,whether it was something grand or simple. So let me enumerate some of those things that either made me smile, giggle, laugh or inspired in the past 2 months or so…

Euro 2012 Champions!!!

 1. Spain finishing as Euro 2012 champions – I know this is kind of a late post, but I am still listing it here, after all it made me smile, well happy too! 🙂 I supported Spain during the Euro 2012. Although I didn’t get to watch all of the games because, first they weren’t broadcasted live on our local TV, and second because the games are usually scheduled at 3am Manila Time.  I was really happy they won. They won the previous Euro, then the last World Cup and now the Euro 2012.  Congrats to them! Mi hermanos! 🙂

2. Jeff Goins –  Since I subscribe to Relevant Magazine online, I was able to read a great article “The Rise of Confessional Media” written by Jeff Goins. Then I visited his blog and found rather more interesting articles he wrote, most of which are about writing and being a ‘real writer’. I immediately subscribed to his blog that he updates almost everyday, and through that I am able to include in this list the next thing I am grateful about which is…

You Are A Writer, So Start Acting Like One by Jeff Goins

3. Free download of Jeff Goins’s  ebook “You are a Writer, So Start Acting like One“!  – He made it available for a free download just for one weekend last month and I’m  absolutely grateful for his generosity to share it. The book is absolutely helpful for any writer or those who wants to venture in the writing world. Well, as he mentioned diapers aren’t cheap so he can’t have it available for free for a long time. 🙂 Get it from Amazon for only $4.99.

3. Free Webinars – Because I subscribed to Jeff’s blog, not only did I get the chance to get his wonderful ebook on writing, I also had the incredible opportunity to virtually attend two of the webinars he and two of his friends hosted (I watched/listened to the replays only though since due to time differences, I can’t attend the actual webinar.) The first one was with Derek Halpern of  Social Triggers who taught us “How To Write a Perfect Blog Post”, and second was with the “Freddy Krueger of Blogging”Danny Iny of  Firepole Marketing “Faster, Easier Blog Writing”. Both webinars were amazing.

4.  Another free ebooks – Since I signed up for Danny’s webinar, I also had the opportunity to download his two ebooks, Engagement from Scratch and Naked Marketing, both of which I still have to read. So two more books on queue in my reading list. 🙂

Engagement from Scratch by Danny Iny

5. My Father’s Second Life– Now, this one actually deserves a separate blog post, but I figured I will just mentioned it here too. Not only this one makes me “smile” but also it is something I am so grateful about to the Lord, our God.  Just to share that about two months ago, my father cheated death when his blood sugar level went way below than normal, which is very dangerous,  as doctors informed us, it could either lead to comma or death had we not took him to the ER immediately. So this #5 on the list is something not only to smile about but also to be thankful about to our Savior Jesus, forever. 🙂

There are a lot of things actually that made me smile in the past few months. There were those that made me cry too (but I’m not going to talk about it), the focus of this posts is to count my blessings.

So what made you smile, laugh or inspired recently? Or what are the things, even simple ones that you were thankful for? Share them! 🙂

My First 3K Run

9 Jul

Last July 7, I woke up at 430am for my first 3K Run ever sponsored by FILA.  I was never really fond of joining events like this… I’d rather just run by myself or with friends . In fact, there were a lot of running activities like this sponsored by other known brands too (Nike, Adidas, you name it), one of which where my company shelled out a sum to sponsor the registration fee for the employees who wants to join, but I was never really drawn into it.  But like I said, I do run sometimes, just circling the Bonifacio High Street but not really taking running seriously.

My number

So what made me joined this fun run by FILA? It was actually a charity event dubbed as “FILA: Schools Run for School Rooms” that aimed to help the typhoon Sendong victims last year in Iligan City, Philippines build their classrooms again. The I Care Foundation, which is our church’s charity arm, as one of the beneficiaries of the said event, encouraged people from our church to take part of it, so I did.

All eyes on the stage for Fabio Ide, Georgina Wilson and others

I have to say though, that I walked more than I ran. LOL Because I do not run often and because it was my first 3k Run (and walk),  I easily felt the pain on my lower legs, so I did more brisk-walking instead. Still I am proud that not only I lost a few pounds and burned calories, I also helped the kids in Iligan build their dreams again. It felt good to be able to help,  at the same time start the day early and exercise. I think should do it often. 🙂

Students from Metro Manila and other groups/organizations who participated.

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