Supercopa, Real Madrid and Kaka

2 Sep

Last week in the football world, many fans of the Spanish Liga were all eyes on the 2nd leg of the Supercopa match between the La Liga champion Real Madrid and Copa del Rey current title holder Barcelona.  Of course, if you follow my blog, you know that I am more of a Real Madrid fan than a Barca fan. And if you are a crazy about football like me, you know that Real Madrid won the Supercopa.

Supercopa Winner – Real Madrid. (Notice that Kaka wasn’t here.)

For those not quite familiar, the Supercopa de España is championship match between the champion of La Liga and Copa de Rey. And it just so happened that the tight rivals, Madrid and Barca are the current champs so it was an “El Classico” match once again. And I am very happy that my favorite club Real Madrid won the Supercopa once again because of their 2-away goals made at Camp Nou during the first leg, and dominated with 2 goals during the 2nd at Santiago Bernabeu. So congrats so Real Madrid!!!

I noticed however that my most favorite footballer and athlete in the world, Kaka, didn’t play in the Supercup. Hmmm… He wasn’t even listed for as a sub. And I’m not quite happy with it. I want to see him play for Real Madrid but Mourinho is not giving him a chance to play more lately and didn’t even include him in the line up for the El Classico matches.

Kaka celebrated his goal during a match last year.

A few weeks ago, there was a rumor about Kaka leaving Real, either for a loan or permanently. Man United was one of the club who was apparently ‘interested’ in him. His previous club, AC Milan was also reportedly discussing his comeback. But I love him at Real Madrid and I am sad to hear news about his transfer. I know things are not as good as before for Kaka… he has been used as sub most of the time, or was being substituted after a 60 or so minutes in the pitch, and lately, didn’t make it to the first eleven, not even as a sub. His transfer to Real was one of the club’s most expensive and at one interview, Kaka said that he is indebted to Real Madrid as he suffered from a few injuries that prevented him to play more.

Kaka training with other players, 2 days after the Supercopa

And just last week, Kaka’s wife Carol, said in an interview that their family will go back to Brazil and that if Kaka will leave Madrid, he will not join any European club. But a few days ago, there were pictures from Real Madrid’s official Facebook account featuring Kaka in training together with the other players. It is also reported that he will not leave Madrid, at least until January, and that he has been training double sessions to make himself more fit and to keep up with the other players. He comes to their training center early in the morning to work out, alone, but supervised by Madrid’s trainers and join the other players in their afternoon training with coach Mourinho.

Kaka is a great footballer. He is a playmaker and he can show that he’s still got it. Mourinho just need to give him a chance to play again.


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