Significant Things of My 2012

31 Dec

As 2012 is about to close, (less than an hour in my side of the world), let me list some of the significant things that happened to me. This is listed in random order, here they are:

As usual for someone who is a fan of the beautiful game, the sport has got to be in the list. This is good year in football especially for the Philippine National Football Team – the Azkals. I am happy of their improvement since they got the nation’s attention 2 years back. They were semi finalist during 2010 Suzuki Cup and also this 2012. They also finished 3rd during the AFC Challenge Cup and a champion during the Philippine Peace Cup. As for the other team that is dear to me, Real Madrid, it is also a great year after winning the Supercopa and reaching the semis in the Champions League. Also, another favorite, Spain, bagged the Euro 2012 title. So many nice things happened in Football this year and there are so much in store also for 2013. I am so looking forward to that!


The Azkals

I signed up for a gym last month. Yes, finally! Time to get fit and heathy. I signed up because I think it is better to spend money paying gym fees rather than spend it on medicine when I get old. So yes, I am committed to getting healthier and fitter not just now but for the rest of my life.


My Gold’s Gym membership card

Driver’s License
Not exactly a license yet but a student permit to drive. It’s high time I take on the wheels and learn really how to drive. This ain’t the first time I got a student permit to learn how to drive. I already know how to start a car and drive a little but I always have problem with the stick (Manual Transmission), but my father insisted that I learn how to drive first using the stick before I go automatic. So this time, I am taking driving seriously.

Family and Friends
I am grateful to God that he continue on blessing my family with so many things and that we are all together to celebrate the end of the year and welcome another one. Though there were times when we experience worry because of my father’s health but God is merciful and he didn’t let anything bad happened. This year also, some of my close friends got married and gave birth. I attended some of the memorable event in their lives to celebrate with them. One of my best buds, F, also tied the knot, and even though he knew I won’t be able to attend his wedding, he still sent me an invitation, which I received so late (after his wedding. Snail mail indeed!) I am also very grateful to the wonderful friendship I share with a few of my friends, particularly these three super friends I have – Idy, F, and Ces.


F’s wedding invitation

This is a good year also for me when it comes to music. Not only that I was able to crossed out one from my bucket list, after I attended a concert of one of the two bands I love – Hanson’s concert back in March. It was a dream came true. Then, my other favorite, Jars of Clay made the awesome announcement earlier this month that they are coming to the Philippines in March 2013 for a concert! Great! I am so looking forward to it!


Jars of Clay’s concert 2013 announcement! Yehey!

I also was able to travel locally this year. My parents, a visiting Auntie from the US and I went to Bohol to celebrate my birthday. It was my first time to visit the island and it was just great to see one of the scenic places of my beautiful country. I did not go abroad this year, hopefully next year though.


Bohol, Philippines.

Nope, we are not back together. There is no “US” again. So why is it in this list? Well though we had some “conversations” this year, still things are not quite clear between us. So about 2 months ago, I have made one of the biggest decisions in my life. I have decided to let him go. I can say that I am still in the grieving process and it is getting harder and harder each day, but I have to do it. I can’t run on circles anymore. So, now I am going “Solo”. Dunno’ how long though, it’s all up to God.

So this is it. I am thankful for all the experiences I have this 2012 and I am hopeful that 2013 will be a lot better.

Thank you Lord Jesus for your grace, love and mercy throughout the year!

Happy New Year everyone!


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