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Jars of Clay live in My City!

24 Feb


Late last year, my favorite band Jars of Clay made an announcement via their twitter account that they will be in Manila on March 31, 2013. I got very excited because it’s going to be my 2nd time to see them live since 2005 (well, 3rd if I am to include meeting them at the mall.) ๐Ÿ™‚

As you see, I grew up listening to them. Their music and the band members themselves has influenced me so much – in my art, life’s perspective and even in my faith. For nearly 2 decades, my everyday playlist is made up mostly of their inspiring and well-written songs.

So when they said they are coming over to Manila, I was ecstatic! What got me even more excited than anybody was when Church Simplified announced that they are playing in my city! Yes, in the city where I live! And it is a free admission concert! ๐Ÿ™‚

Well, it’s actually an Easter gig. And I thought, there is no best way to end the holy week but to come and see Jars perform live. That would be awesome me thinks!

Every Easter, Church Simplified is doing the Walkway:Stations of the Cross in Bonificio High Street. I have been to that event for a couple of times or more I think. This year, they invited Jars of Clay to perform live to conclude the holy week. What a way to spend the Easter Sunday!

The concert will be held in the urban amphitheater in Bonifacio High Street (near Jamba Juice, Slice and the other fine-dining restos). It is an open area, like a park, where the water fountains are. And since it is a free concert, anyone can attend. Gosh, I can just imagine how awesome it is to have Jars perform there live! Wow!

So anyone in Manila (when you return from your holidays) can see these four men in BGC, all you have to do is bring your friends or family and enjoy their wonderful music. Who knows, you might like them as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

Although, I wish that they also have another concert, a paid one that is, apart from that Easter one. I do not mind paying just to see them, it will be worth it anyway!

Denis Wolf: My Hot Valentine’s Date :)

18 Feb

I don’t celebrate Valentines. Never. Ever. Even in my past romantic relationships, we never celebrated it. It is just way too commercialized. No, I’m not being bitter. I am just not mainstream that’s why.

This year’s valentine, is, just like the past years, the same regular day to me. Thank God that most of my friends, single or not didn’t take the day extra special too! But I have to say that this “valentine’s” became special for me.

As you may know, I am a football fan. And that I have a huge crush on this Filipino-German footballer playing in our local league and the national team, Denis Wolf. ๐Ÿ™‚ And my cousins and I decided to watch their team, Global FC play on Vday. It was actually unplanned. My other cousin texted me days before about the scheduled match and invited me to watch. I declined however, because what I initially planned was go to the gym and workout. The schedule changes on the day itself after I felt very tired to hit the gym, so I decided to inform my other two cousins that we watch the game instead. (The cousin who invited initially wasn’t able to come due to her classes at the uni.)

So there, at the newly built Emperador Stadium in the city where I live (and where Denis also lives. hahaha Seriously, I love my city!), we went and watched Global oven over Nomads with the 2-1 score. Denis came later though as a sub. Prior to that, I was watching him doing warm ups on the side and gosh, how lovely is the view! Hahaha


Global vs Nomads

It ain’t the first time I saw him in person, but this is I think the closest I got to him because this new stadium is just very intimate and football fans can see the action in the pitch at close range.

I swear even though I have a crush on him, I would watch the game, even if he isn’t playing or not the one who has the ball. Reminds me how my best friend Idy would always tease me, “Eyes on the ball, not on him!” Haha Of course I do watch the game, not just him. :p But something happened last thursday. Gosh, my eyes were fixated on him, even if he was just on the side, warming up. And boy, was he gorgeous! Hahaha… My cousin even reminded me that the ball is already on the other side. Hahaha


Denis warming up during the half time

Then after the game, we, along with the other fans waited for the players to come to the audience area to give their autographs and all. Denis on the other hand started running around the pitch. We would call him but he won’t stop running. Gosh, suplado? He had an injury weeks before and I think that is the reason he was running.

After a few minutes, still running, but this time, towards to our direction, I waved my hand at him. I waved at him like the way I would when calling a cab, and without even calling his name. LOL. And he stopped! And he started walking towards us. Gosh! This is it I thought!

We immediately went to him and I said, “Hi Denis, can you sign my football and can we have a picture after?” He smiled and said, “of course, sure, sure…”

As the other group of fan girls went to where we were too, I handed him my sharpee, without even taking the lid off, LOL and showed him my football. It’s not an actual football, but a stress ball actually, designed like a football given to me by my 7-year old cousin. I told Denis that that is my football and he laughed because it is very small. LOL. We both laughed.


Denis and I. My valentine’s date! ๐Ÿ™‚

After that we had a picture together. Gosh, I was nervous I could feel my hand shaking. Hahaha. My other girl cousin had her picture too, then another girl. But even before another fan would take her turn, I immediately told Denis, I want another picture with him with my cousin and he obliged. But this time, I grabbed the chance to put my right hand around his waist! Hahaha It is already my chance so why not do it I thought. (Chance ko na chumansing! hahaha) Gosh, even if he just finished running, boy he smelled so good. Hahaha. I thanked him and greeted him Happy Valentine’s and he said the same. ๐Ÿ™‚ He is really nice.

We stayed a little while the other took turns to take a picture with him also. God, he was just inches away from us and even though the stadium lights were blinding, I had a chance to stare at his face closely and gosh, his eyes are just beautiful! A really good looking man! And the body… I should have told him Emma Stone’s line in the movie “Crazy, Stupid Love” – “Seriously? It’s like you’re photoshopped!” Hahaha (Lord, can I have him? Please pretty please? Hahaha)

We also went to other players and had some pictures with them and like Denis, they are also nice enough to pose with the fans.


My little football signed by Denis. ๐Ÿ™‚

My dad picked us up after the game to have our late dinner. And because of too much excitement from the game and from meeting Denis, I forgot that I am doing the 40 Days of Water, I had Iced Tea! My bad. I blame Denis for that. Hahaha Kidding!

Btw, when best friend Idy saw the picture of Denis and I (it is actually a stolen shot), he asked, “Please tell me you didn’t exchange numbers with Denis Wolf?” Hahaha… To which I replied, “Why? What is wrong with it? I’m single, he is single. Hahaha” Of course it didn’t happen, I wish it did though. Hahaha!!!

So that was my Valentine’s night with my hot date! Hahaha

What a day! What a Valentine’s day! ๐Ÿ™‚

Gosh, I am such a fan girl! Hahaha!!!

Drinking Only Water for 40 Days to Give Water.

18 Feb

ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย  I finally signed up for Blood:Water Mission’s 40 Days of Water challenge. Yesterday was Day 1 and I’m proud to say that I survived the day without coffee. Hurrah! And so far, I’m doing good in Day 2. The day is about to end though and I’m here at the coffee shop, not having coffee though, just a slice of “guiltless chocolate cake” (yeah that is really the name of the cake) and water. Yes, water all day! Earlier this morning before heading to work, I had my breakfast at a coffee shop too. I had multi-grain bagel with cream cheese and you guess it right, a glass of water. Gosh! I am missing my coffee! Haha Well, I can do this. I am committed to this challenge, not only to help B:WM bring clean and safe water to Uganda but also, for my health. I figured this is is also a good since I will be drinking lots of water which is good for my body. Also, this is like a sacrifice also for the lent. How timely this challenge is. So, I will stick to this and will just wait for Sundays to have my coffee.

I miss you coffee! See you on Sunday! ๐Ÿ™‚

That above was written around 7pm on Day 2 of the 40 Days of Water, it was also the Valentine’s night. And while almost everyone were out to have romantic dinner or attend a vday concert, my cousins and I went to watch a live football game. My favorite Global FC is playing Nomads FC in the country’s league, the UFL. Yes, my dates on heart’s day are my cousins and the football players. Hahaha ๐Ÿ™‚ Read here for the story of my valentine’s date. LOL

It was an exciting football match and since my Denis Wolf is playing, I was even more thrilled during and after the game. My dad picked us up after and we went to have our late dinner. And because of too much excitement due to unforgettable event in the stadium (hint: something to do with Denis), I forgot that I was doing the 40 Days of Water. I had Iced Tea! Gosh! My bad! I realized it too late when I already consumed almost a glass of iced tea. LOL. I immediately stopped and had water instead.

This is what an exciting night can do to you! LOL

Gosh! Well, like Blood:Water Mission said, we don’t have to be perfect, just like one of challengers tweeted that she forgot that it already started and she had her morning coffee. We can move on and always continue the challenge. ๐Ÿ™‚

Day 3 and 4 is done and they were successful. Today is not Day 5. Today is FEAST DAY! Or cheat day if you want to call it that. Haha And this morning I had my first cup of yummy hot coffee and right now, I am at the coffee shop, for my iced-blended one. I think, I will have another one later. Hahahaha What can I do, I miss coffee so much and it’s going to take another 6 days before we meet again so I will take advantage of the time we have now. ๐Ÿ™‚

This is what Feast Day looks like:


My first cup on the first Feast Day!


This is Feast Day for me. Haha… My afternoon coffee:)

The Feast Day is done. Back at home, I had another black coffee at night, then followed by a fresh milk. Now that was feast day. Today is Day 5, and I’m back to drinking only water. See you on Sunday coffee. ๐Ÿ™‚

40 Days of Only Water

11 Feb

Last week, Blood:Water Mission re-tweeted something from one of their followers that caught my eye:

“#40Days of no coffee #40Days no lattes #40Days of no tea for a cause I believe in.”

No COFFEE. What? Really? What is this 40days without my favorite beverage?

I went to check then what is this #40DaysofWater all about and found that it’s a 40-day challenge by Blood:Water Mission, of drinking only water. No coffee, No tea, No milk, No juice or anything, JUST WATER. Well, don’t worry food is allowed. It’s just drink that you have to give up.


The challenge is to support the org’s mission to bring clean and safe water to Uganda. It will start on Feb 13 and will end on the 30th of March. I want to join the challenge but I’m kind of unsure if I can live a day without coffee. So I’m still confused. I really want to support Blood:Water Mission but that is what’s stopping me. Hmm… I can’t decide. Really, no coffee? Oh no. Well, I have about 24 hours left to decide whether I join or not.

So, you might ask, how is ‘giving up coffee’ going help Uganda get access to clean and safe water? Well this is simple, the money you are suppose to spend on your expensive or inexpensive coffee, tea or whatever colored drink you buy are to be donated instead to the organization to raise fund to bring water to the communities in Uganda. You save the money that you are supposed to use for your favorite drink and donate. It is for a really good cause.

Blood:Water Mission has been supported by my favorite band Jars of Clay ever since and they are legit. Jars is actually part of that org, with Dan, the lead singer, one of its officers I think. And a few years ago, they have celebrated the completion of the 1000 wells they built around Africa. So there is nothing to doubt about BWM. They really are legit org.

Going back. If you count the days from Feb 15- March 30, it’s going to be 46 days, not 40. So why 46? Well, like when you are dieting, there are cheat days. ๐Ÿ™‚ There are 6 Sundays in that period and those 6 are going to be the cheat days.(Feast Day according to BWM. =p) My favorite coffee is allowed on Sundays! Woohooo!!! (Well, I still have to decide.)

If you sign up, you may track your progress in their website as you can create your unique profile page and share your experience with friends. You can even invite them to join you in this cause. I think it’s easier if you do it with a partner or group of friends or family. You know, there’s accountability and support. There is also a journal you may download that you can use during the campaign. Download here.

Well, I still have a day to register before it officially starts. I still need to muster enough courage to ditch coffee for a while. ๐Ÿ™‚

If you want to join, please visit this site:


I am not supposed to be in Manila right now. I should be in India.

5 Feb

Well, I should be In Mumbai or Allahabad right now.

Tomorrow is my friend’s wedding in India. He told me about his big day about 6 months ago and invited me to be there as he wed his lovely bride. He said that he had to inform me earlier so that I can book flights, file for at least 2-week leave from work and save so I can be there on his special day. I know 6 months is still a short notice, considering I live in the South East, and fare is already a little expensive. But actually, he’s been inviting me to his wedding even before he got engaged. Actually years, before he got engaged.



He even sent me an invitation through email and I got overly excited seeing the colorful invitation that contains some of their photos, and info of the different ceremonies prior to the wedding (Mehendi, Sangeet, Haldi) the wedding itself and the two wedding receptions in Mumbai and Allahabad. It’s a week-long celebration! No wonder he asked me to take a 2-week off from work. He said, 1 week for his wedding and another if I want to tour in some parts of India.



Of course I said Yes, with the intention of really coming over to the wedding. But months before today, I thought hard about it and after much contemplation, I decided that I had to miss it. *sighs*

There are reasons.

Now, I feel bad about it. I should be there! I can’t believe I let an opportunity to witness something wonderful, go away. I have never been to India and never been to a Hindu or any Indian wedding. I’ve only seen them in movies and I thought that attending a wedding is a great way to experience a culture, especially if it’s something different from what I am used to.



I always wanted to visit India. I thought that they have a rich culture and tradition that I find so fascinating. And attending one of their celebrated life events – a wedding, is a great way to immerse into their culture.

In my bucket list, I included there attending an Indian wedding. I would have crossed it by now. Sure, I can still cross it from the list someday. I could attend another Indian wedding but I guess it won’t be as special as the wedding tomorrow, because it is not my friend’s anymore.


The Wedding Ceremony

The Wedding Ceremony

Anyway, even if I am not there to physically witness their union and celebrate with them as they start their lives together, my heart and thoughts are with them. I wish them more blessings and God’s love to bind them together, forever.

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