Eye Candy : Ryan Guzman

15 Mar

I only saw Step Up Revolution last weekend. It was shown in the theaters last year but I just ignored it thinking it is just some typical dance movie, where groups of hip hop dancers battle against each other. I have seen other dance movies already so I thought I can’t be bothered to see another one. It was only until this weekend when I get the chance to watch it and I liked it! It is a nice feel good movie to see. I wouldn’t say much about how the story goes but I just have to say that the lead actor just caught my attention. Well, who wouldn’t notice him, he is so hot! He is very charming, really good looking and so talented. He dances so well and portrayed Sean’s character well considering, this is his first lead role, I think first his first movie too. Not to mention, he’s got a body to die for. A total Eye Candy! Well, his name is Ryan Guzman. 😉


Ryan Guzman. The Eye Candy

I used to do contemporary and street dancing too when I was younger so I was impressed with the movie’s choreography, especially the moves of Ryan. He is such a good dancer!

As I was watching the movie, I noticed something… Ryan looks like someone I know… well someone I used to know… Gosh! He just looks like him! I mean M, he looks like M. Gosh! But well, minus the abs. Hahaha!!!


Ryan during a scene in Step Up Revolution


Ryan in Step Up Revolution

Well they have lot resemblances. The way Ryan smiles, when he is blushing and trying to look cute (well, he is really cute, way good looking in fact), when he stares into someone or into nothing… they just look the same. God, I am reminded of him again. But I can’t help it. I now google for Ryan’s picture, read his bio and watch some videos of him. I can’t help but stare at his pictures. Well since the weekend, I have seen the movie about 4 times already. I just can’t get enough of him! But now, I don’t know if this is me liking Ryan as himself or liking him because he looks like M. Gosh, why do you have to look like him?

Well I don’t really follow actors, local or foreign on twitter but after I discovered this beautiful creature called Ryan Guzman, I started following him. He seems like a nice person on and off the cam. The way he tweets both to his family and close friends, and his fans, it shows how a nice person he is and because of that I am liking him more.


Hot Ryan Guzman

But going back to him and M being look a likes, although not entirely because, well, Ryan is metrosexual, has a toned body and into hip-hop, rnb and slow jams, and M is your metal guy who headbangs in a rock and roll concert, has a long hair, wears black most of the time (like me) and doesn’t care too much of fashion (he’s got his own style which I like), well he used to work out in the gym too so he got some muscles and all (but no sexy abs like Ryan’s), in short he is like a bad boy! But they are alike physically, especially the eyes that seems to weaken me and the smile that melts my heart.


M’s look a like, Ryan 🙂

Gosh! What am I talking about? I am supposed to be over him. I am supposed to be moving on and not thinking of him. What happened now?

Well I haven’t really forgotten him and haven’t really stopped thinking of him. But that is another story now.


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