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Congrats Stallion FC – 2013 UFL Champions

28 Jun

So I’ve been following the local football league in my country (the UFL),  hence the reason why I didn’t blog for quite a while. (Well, football is just one of the reasons.)

And this year’s champion is my favorite team – Stallion FC! Woohoo!!!

Blurred pic I took of Stallion FC footballers celebrating after the Global's lost to Kaya.

Blurred pic I took of Stallion FC footballers celebrating after the Global’s lost to Kaya.

Actually I am supporting another too – Global FC, which was last year’s champion and a tight rival of Stallion. Global used to be my first favorite club, primarily because most of those playing for the national team are there, including my favorite Denis Wolf . However, during the first season of 2013, things quite changed. I got to see how Stallions play, met and interacted with their players and I became a fan. Eventually, I fell in love with the team because aside from being great in the pitch, they were also nice lads who won’t treat you as fans but as friends. Not to say that Global FC aren’t nice to fans but I don’t know, there seems to be some kind of barrier, something that makes you feel that hey, you’re just one of the fans. Probably because most of their players are famous because as I said, they are playing for the Philippine Azkals. Plus, I don’t like their coach Brian Reid, he is just conceited! I don’t know, but it is not just me who felt that way. I know a few. Oh well, I still support them though. But I have shifted, Stallion is now my first favorite team in the UFL, even before they were announced as 2013 UFL champions.



Stallion FC vs Airforce during the 2nd season of 2013 UFL


In fact, when they faced Global back in May, although I was torn in between at first, I have realized that I can’t be neutral and I have to pick just one team and I chose Stallions. They lost to Global that night with 2-1 score. It was a sad night for me, while most of those in the Stadium were rejoicing including my cousins who sided with Global. But I pledged to stay with them, win or lose.  And that is called commitment.

This Sunday, June 30, they will finally be crowned as the 2013 UFL Champions. A back to back win for them, for being the 2012 UFL Cup Champions too! Woohoo! So they both have the league and the cup titles!

Forget Calm and Cheer for Stallion FC that I created. :)

Forget Calm and Cheer for Stallion FC that I created. 🙂

Congrats to Stallion FC!

Mike Stilkey Artworks at Fully-Booked

23 Jun

About two weeks ago, the renowned L.A -based artist Mike Stilkey went to Fully-Booked in my city to showcase his artworks – book sculpture and paintings, and interact with fans through book signing and Q&A.

Here are some of his awesome works:


The grand book sculpture by Mike Stilkey

The grand book sculpture by Mike Stilkey before the Q & A

Discarded Romance - the artist Mike Stilkey during the Q & A

Discarded Romance – the artist Mike Stilkey during the Q & A


Other artworks by the artist

Other artworks by the artist


My cousin and I attended the Q&A and we were lucky to take home free tote bags with Mike’s artwork printed on it, for being the first 50 to arrived at the event.  I love it! 🙂

Mike Stilkey signing my tote bag :)

Mike Stilkey signing my tote bag 🙂

My free tote bag :)

My free tote bag 🙂


Life Goes On

23 Jun

“Don’t feel sad over someone who gave up on you, feel sorry for them because they gave up on someone who would have never given up on them.”

Just to make it clear, I have not given up. No! And I am not giving up. There are important people in my life right now who I haven’t spoke to in months, not because it is my choice but because it is the circumstance. But I am not giving up on them even if they seem to have done the opposite.

I guess I’m just like that – stubborn. I do not give up easily especially on people who matters to me. It is hard for me to let go. I think it is also because when I let one person into my inner circle, it means I really value that person, that I am sincere with the friendship or the romantic relationship I share with them.

Just like one of the tweets I recently read,  “The hardest thing is not talking to someone you used to talk to everyday.” Indeed. When there something good or bad that happens to me, I want to share it to them. But since they are “gone”, I just can’t help but feel lonely and alone.

But even if my heart grieves, my life won’t stop. Life goes on. I have to go on, I have to move forward. They may not be in my ‘present’ to share my journey, but I hope to see them again in my future.




5 Jun

How do I begin writing?

When things around me become so intense and overwhelming, I cant seem write. I can only manage to write a few sentences, sometimes in post its or small pieces of papers. Although I wanted to write every detail of the event, whether they are good or bad, I get too overwhelmed that I usually end up with only drafts. I guess it’s because I want to capture it perfectly in words.

Right now, I am in the same situation. And I want to cry and seclude myself from the cruelty of the moment. I want to hide and run away, far away like I used to do. I am feeling so bad. But I chose to write down this feelings instead. In Raw. unedited writing. Actually, I am forcing myself to write. I can’t do the same thing over and over again. I have to pour out and open up to the world the emotions I am trying to conceal.

I am broken hearted. But it’s not because of some romantic reason. My heart is broken because a very good friend, one of my closest friend just suddenly stopped talking to me. And I have no idea why. Last time we talked, things were good. It was short but still it was good. We talked about their family vacation. Then after that, I heard nothing from him. I would see him online, send him messages but there was no reply. Not even one. And I am upset. I don’t know what I did for him to avoid me. I kept asking but he is silent. And yesterday, I found out that he deleted the Facebook account I created for him (with his permission) and deleted me from Skype too. And it hurts big time.

I have no idea if I did something wrong, if I offended him. At least he should have said something. If it was my fault, he should have told me. He can blame me, shout on me, tell me all the wrong things I did, I would accept that. thats way better than this silent treatment. I cant bear this. I just cant.

If i am at fault, at least I can apologize. Not like this. I am puzzled. It is a mind-torturing.

This isn’t the first time it happened. Few years ago, he also did the same thing. The difference though is that, before, he stopped talking to his other friends too, now, it is just me. And like I said, this time, he deleted me from Skype unlike before. So it gives me an impression that he wants to end our friendship. And I don’t even know why.

I already cried a bucket. But im afraid, there are still some I will shed. I am just broken.

He is one of my very best friend. And I miss him. 😦

Is it over?

5 Jun

Today is one of the saddest day in my life. I don’t know, I just want to cry it all out. 😦

I just have one question right now… Why?

I feel so hurt. I hope you know how much I am hurting right now. You know me so well, you should know how I feel. You know that I deserve an explanation.

Telling you that I am sobbing as I write this, won’t exactly describe the pain I feel the moment. I feel betrayed. And I am very upset.

You should have said something at least and not leave me hanging.

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