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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind?

25 Apr



Why only now? They should have started this long time ago and I’d be the first one to try. I need this.

I Wish You Are Not From India

19 Apr

I wish you are not from India so I can still go back. So I can see more of its beauty.

The temples and structures, colors and festival, arts and history that I dreamt of seeing will remain only a dream now.

The country and culture I once loved and fancied to visit and immersed into, just hurt me.

I want to go back but I don’t know how.

How do I go back without being reminded of you and our time there?

How do I go back without wishing all of these didn’t happen?

Sometimes I can’t help but wish that we didn’t meet at all…

I want to go back but I don’t know how.

Time heals nothing

19 Apr

Joanna J - Giving you my words

Like a lost file in an archive, your most painful memories rest somewhere nearly untraceable in your head for months or even years,  without having any effect on you. Although they are always there;  somehow they cannot touch or reach you. Hovering around invisibly,  almost as if long forgotten. You are doing beautifully fine, life is good and things are looking up. Besides, compared to what some other people have been through, your story, your problem: it seems unworthy to even mention.

I have never been a self-pity kind of person.

But then again, the time will come when the winds change and the files that appeared to have been forgotten about, run their stories clearer and louder than ever before. When something or someone has hurt you so deeply, there is no such thing as forgetting. There is no healing, not even scars. Forever you will carry it with you, waiting inside for a…

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5 Apr

Tonight I passed by the area I used to live and I saw the internet cafe where we first met.

April 4, 2014

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