Do you still remember? (One year later)

20 Aug

One year ago today, I witnessed a magic unfold. It was the day when we’ve seen each other in person for the first time. After almost a decade.

I will never forget that moment when I opened the door and our eyes first met.

I will never forget the glow in your face as you smiled and your eyes lit up.

I will never forget the moment when you first held me. Our first awkward hug when you entered the room. I was nervous. Then another hug, this time it wasn’t anymore awkward but I was still nervous.

I will never forget the moment when we first kissed. It was quick but special. Magical even. I can’t even describe the feeling. I do not have words. It was surreal.

It was followed by a tight hug that lasted quite a while…I didn’t want that moment to end but then I realized that I stained your shirt with my lipstick as my face was buried to your chest because you hugged me so tight. I wanted to remove the lipstick from your shirt but you insisted to let it be like that.

And you hugged me even more and more, and kiss my hands, lips and cheeks again and again. And you stared at me and I felt like I’m melting.

Those were some of the details I will never forget.

I will never forget all those ‘magical moments’ we’ve shared on our first day. All of it. All of it.

To me, everything’s still fresh as if it happened just a few days back. But the magic didn’t last too long.

I will never forget, but do you still remember them?


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