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Eye Candy : Ryan Guzman

15 Mar

I only saw Step Up Revolution last weekend. It was shown in the theaters last year but I just ignored it thinking it is just some typical dance movie, where groups of hip hop dancers battle against each other. I have seen other dance movies already so I thought I can’t be bothered to see another one. It was only until this weekend when I get the chance to watch it and I liked it! It is a nice feel good movie to see. I wouldn’t say much about how the story goes but I just have to say that the lead actor just caught my attention. Well, who wouldn’t notice him, he is so hot! He is very charming, really good looking and so talented. He dances so well and portrayed Sean’s character well considering, this is his first lead role, I think first his first movie too. Not to mention, he’s got a body to die for. A total Eye Candy! Well, his name is Ryan Guzman. 😉


Ryan Guzman. The Eye Candy

I used to do contemporary and street dancing too when I was younger so I was impressed with the movie’s choreography, especially the moves of Ryan. He is such a good dancer!

As I was watching the movie, I noticed something… Ryan looks like someone I know… well someone I used to know… Gosh! He just looks like him! I mean M, he looks like M. Gosh! But well, minus the abs. Hahaha!!!


Ryan during a scene in Step Up Revolution


Ryan in Step Up Revolution

Well they have lot resemblances. The way Ryan smiles, when he is blushing and trying to look cute (well, he is really cute, way good looking in fact), when he stares into someone or into nothing… they just look the same. God, I am reminded of him again. But I can’t help it. I now google for Ryan’s picture, read his bio and watch some videos of him. I can’t help but stare at his pictures. Well since the weekend, I have seen the movie about 4 times already. I just can’t get enough of him! But now, I don’t know if this is me liking Ryan as himself or liking him because he looks like M. Gosh, why do you have to look like him?

Well I don’t really follow actors, local or foreign on twitter but after I discovered this beautiful creature called Ryan Guzman, I started following him. He seems like a nice person on and off the cam. The way he tweets both to his family and close friends, and his fans, it shows how a nice person he is and because of that I am liking him more.


Hot Ryan Guzman

But going back to him and M being look a likes, although not entirely because, well, Ryan is metrosexual, has a toned body and into hip-hop, rnb and slow jams, and M is your metal guy who headbangs in a rock and roll concert, has a long hair, wears black most of the time (like me) and doesn’t care too much of fashion (he’s got his own style which I like), well he used to work out in the gym too so he got some muscles and all (but no sexy abs like Ryan’s), in short he is like a bad boy! But they are alike physically, especially the eyes that seems to weaken me and the smile that melts my heart.


M’s look a like, Ryan 🙂

Gosh! What am I talking about? I am supposed to be over him. I am supposed to be moving on and not thinking of him. What happened now?

Well I haven’t really forgotten him and haven’t really stopped thinking of him. But that is another story now.

I have a confession to make

10 Mar

I have a confession to make.

I had coffee during the days I am not supposed to have one.

As you know I have signed up for the 40 Days Of Water challenge by B:WM, not only to benefit the org’s mission but also as my form of sacrifice for the Lenten season. As you see, I have not been very successful with it.

The first week was quite good, except for that instance in Day 2 where I had Iced Tea out of excitement from a football match. I had my first feast day, which I had about 4 or 5 cups of good coffee.

The second week though wasn’t a success, I had coffee twice or thrice. You see, I am very in love with coffee and coming from the “feast day”, it was hard not to start my day without it. So day 6 and maybe 7 and 8, I had a cup of espresso in the morning. It was quite hard to resist, after all, coffee is overflowing in the office.

I had excuses. I said, “it’s not even exactly one cup, just half of it.” Or “BWM said we dont have to be perfect, so it’s okay.” Another lame excuse is that, “I really need to perk myself up, I didnt get much sleep so I need at least half a cup to survive the day.” Then I found myself hiding or making sure none of my co-workers who knew what I signed up for, sees me pressing that coffee machine. Not good.

I was tempted. I was being tested I know. And I gave in.

I also experienced persistent headache for a few days, became grumpy and all. And that is caffeine withdrawal I found out. And because of that, I came up with another excuse to have at least a cup to avoid withdrawal. Bad. So to compensate for the lack of caffeine, I started eating chocolates again. I already cut my chocolate consumptions since I started hitting the gym, but because of 40 Days of Water, I have no other source of caffeine aside from the chocolates.

I guess I could relate this to my relationship with M, that whenever I say that I’m done with him, I find myself thinking again of him and wishing we are back together. I give in to the thoughts that I can’t forget him or that I can’t move on.

I guess when you have something or someone you rely on too much, it’s hard to break the habit of thinking or going back to them.

But then, a comment I read from someone made me go on and stick to my commitment. It says, ” So to practice giving up something when it is available and easy to acquire now, could be an investment in strength for harder days ahead. ”

It is a good training. This sacrifice will help mold my character.

I am now halfway through it. Day 22 was yesterday and today is Feast day! 18 days to go! Well, so far, 3rd and 4th week were successful. By God’s amazing grace, I am able to continue with my commitment. I am still tempted ’till now. Well temptation will always be there but when you are committed, you shouldn’t have excuses.

And it takes a lot of discipline to do this.

Drinking Only Water for 40 Days to Give Water.

18 Feb

              I finally signed up for Blood:Water Mission’s 40 Days of Water challenge. Yesterday was Day 1 and I’m proud to say that I survived the day without coffee. Hurrah! And so far, I’m doing good in Day 2. The day is about to end though and I’m here at the coffee shop, not having coffee though, just a slice of “guiltless chocolate cake” (yeah that is really the name of the cake) and water. Yes, water all day! Earlier this morning before heading to work, I had my breakfast at a coffee shop too. I had multi-grain bagel with cream cheese and you guess it right, a glass of water. Gosh! I am missing my coffee! Haha Well, I can do this. I am committed to this challenge, not only to help B:WM bring clean and safe water to Uganda but also, for my health. I figured this is is also a good since I will be drinking lots of water which is good for my body. Also, this is like a sacrifice also for the lent. How timely this challenge is. So, I will stick to this and will just wait for Sundays to have my coffee.

I miss you coffee! See you on Sunday! 🙂

That above was written around 7pm on Day 2 of the 40 Days of Water, it was also the Valentine’s night. And while almost everyone were out to have romantic dinner or attend a vday concert, my cousins and I went to watch a live football game. My favorite Global FC is playing Nomads FC in the country’s league, the UFL. Yes, my dates on heart’s day are my cousins and the football players. Hahaha 🙂 Read here for the story of my valentine’s date. LOL

It was an exciting football match and since my Denis Wolf is playing, I was even more thrilled during and after the game. My dad picked us up after and we went to have our late dinner. And because of too much excitement due to unforgettable event in the stadium (hint: something to do with Denis), I forgot that I was doing the 40 Days of Water. I had Iced Tea! Gosh! My bad! I realized it too late when I already consumed almost a glass of iced tea. LOL. I immediately stopped and had water instead.

This is what an exciting night can do to you! LOL

Gosh! Well, like Blood:Water Mission said, we don’t have to be perfect, just like one of challengers tweeted that she forgot that it already started and she had her morning coffee. We can move on and always continue the challenge. 🙂

Day 3 and 4 is done and they were successful. Today is not Day 5. Today is FEAST DAY! Or cheat day if you want to call it that. Haha And this morning I had my first cup of yummy hot coffee and right now, I am at the coffee shop, for my iced-blended one. I think, I will have another one later. Hahahaha What can I do, I miss coffee so much and it’s going to take another 6 days before we meet again so I will take advantage of the time we have now. 🙂

This is what Feast Day looks like:


My first cup on the first Feast Day!


This is Feast Day for me. Haha… My afternoon coffee:)

The Feast Day is done. Back at home, I had another black coffee at night, then followed by a fresh milk. Now that was feast day. Today is Day 5, and I’m back to drinking only water. See you on Sunday coffee. 🙂

40 Days of Only Water

11 Feb

Last week, Blood:Water Mission re-tweeted something from one of their followers that caught my eye:

“#40Days of no coffee #40Days no lattes #40Days of no tea for a cause I believe in.”

No COFFEE. What? Really? What is this 40days without my favorite beverage?

I went to check then what is this #40DaysofWater all about and found that it’s a 40-day challenge by Blood:Water Mission, of drinking only water. No coffee, No tea, No milk, No juice or anything, JUST WATER. Well, don’t worry food is allowed. It’s just drink that you have to give up.


The challenge is to support the org’s mission to bring clean and safe water to Uganda. It will start on Feb 13 and will end on the 30th of March. I want to join the challenge but I’m kind of unsure if I can live a day without coffee. So I’m still confused. I really want to support Blood:Water Mission but that is what’s stopping me. Hmm… I can’t decide. Really, no coffee? Oh no. Well, I have about 24 hours left to decide whether I join or not.

So, you might ask, how is ‘giving up coffee’ going help Uganda get access to clean and safe water? Well this is simple, the money you are suppose to spend on your expensive or inexpensive coffee, tea or whatever colored drink you buy are to be donated instead to the organization to raise fund to bring water to the communities in Uganda. You save the money that you are supposed to use for your favorite drink and donate. It is for a really good cause.

Blood:Water Mission has been supported by my favorite band Jars of Clay ever since and they are legit. Jars is actually part of that org, with Dan, the lead singer, one of its officers I think. And a few years ago, they have celebrated the completion of the 1000 wells they built around Africa. So there is nothing to doubt about BWM. They really are legit org.

Going back. If you count the days from Feb 15- March 30, it’s going to be 46 days, not 40. So why 46? Well, like when you are dieting, there are cheat days. 🙂 There are 6 Sundays in that period and those 6 are going to be the cheat days.(Feast Day according to BWM. =p) My favorite coffee is allowed on Sundays! Woohooo!!! (Well, I still have to decide.)

If you sign up, you may track your progress in their website as you can create your unique profile page and share your experience with friends. You can even invite them to join you in this cause. I think it’s easier if you do it with a partner or group of friends or family. You know, there’s accountability and support. There is also a journal you may download that you can use during the campaign. Download here.

Well, I still have a day to register before it officially starts. I still need to muster enough courage to ditch coffee for a while. 🙂

If you want to join, please visit this site:


Significant Things of My 2012

31 Dec

As 2012 is about to close, (less than an hour in my side of the world), let me list some of the significant things that happened to me. This is listed in random order, here they are:

As usual for someone who is a fan of the beautiful game, the sport has got to be in the list. This is good year in football especially for the Philippine National Football Team – the Azkals. I am happy of their improvement since they got the nation’s attention 2 years back. They were semi finalist during 2010 Suzuki Cup and also this 2012. They also finished 3rd during the AFC Challenge Cup and a champion during the Philippine Peace Cup. As for the other team that is dear to me, Real Madrid, it is also a great year after winning the Supercopa and reaching the semis in the Champions League. Also, another favorite, Spain, bagged the Euro 2012 title. So many nice things happened in Football this year and there are so much in store also for 2013. I am so looking forward to that!


The Azkals

I signed up for a gym last month. Yes, finally! Time to get fit and heathy. I signed up because I think it is better to spend money paying gym fees rather than spend it on medicine when I get old. So yes, I am committed to getting healthier and fitter not just now but for the rest of my life.


My Gold’s Gym membership card

Driver’s License
Not exactly a license yet but a student permit to drive. It’s high time I take on the wheels and learn really how to drive. This ain’t the first time I got a student permit to learn how to drive. I already know how to start a car and drive a little but I always have problem with the stick (Manual Transmission), but my father insisted that I learn how to drive first using the stick before I go automatic. So this time, I am taking driving seriously.

Family and Friends
I am grateful to God that he continue on blessing my family with so many things and that we are all together to celebrate the end of the year and welcome another one. Though there were times when we experience worry because of my father’s health but God is merciful and he didn’t let anything bad happened. This year also, some of my close friends got married and gave birth. I attended some of the memorable event in their lives to celebrate with them. One of my best buds, F, also tied the knot, and even though he knew I won’t be able to attend his wedding, he still sent me an invitation, which I received so late (after his wedding. Snail mail indeed!) I am also very grateful to the wonderful friendship I share with a few of my friends, particularly these three super friends I have – Idy, F, and Ces.


F’s wedding invitation

This is a good year also for me when it comes to music. Not only that I was able to crossed out one from my bucket list, after I attended a concert of one of the two bands I love – Hanson’s concert back in March. It was a dream came true. Then, my other favorite, Jars of Clay made the awesome announcement earlier this month that they are coming to the Philippines in March 2013 for a concert! Great! I am so looking forward to it!


Jars of Clay’s concert 2013 announcement! Yehey!

I also was able to travel locally this year. My parents, a visiting Auntie from the US and I went to Bohol to celebrate my birthday. It was my first time to visit the island and it was just great to see one of the scenic places of my beautiful country. I did not go abroad this year, hopefully next year though.


Bohol, Philippines.

Nope, we are not back together. There is no “US” again. So why is it in this list? Well though we had some “conversations” this year, still things are not quite clear between us. So about 2 months ago, I have made one of the biggest decisions in my life. I have decided to let him go. I can say that I am still in the grieving process and it is getting harder and harder each day, but I have to do it. I can’t run on circles anymore. So, now I am going “Solo”. Dunno’ how long though, it’s all up to God.

So this is it. I am thankful for all the experiences I have this 2012 and I am hopeful that 2013 will be a lot better.

Thank you Lord Jesus for your grace, love and mercy throughout the year!

Happy New Year everyone!

Trying To Write ( A Rant)

4 Nov


So its been awhile once again. I haven’t been updating my blog. I have no valid excuse but I was just plain lazy and not keeping my word about my commitment to write every day, even just in my journal. I guess I wasn’t that committed at all. I am distracted with a lot of things – watching tv and movies, reading things on the net but not finishing my books, facebooking, and thinking too much. Well, but if writing means saving thoughts as drafts on my phone and ipad, then maybe, yes I am still writing. But if it means a finish product, publishing it in my blog or submitting it to whoever I am obligated to submit, then I failed at that. I am just so undisciplined now not only with writing but with a lot of things. Now I am trying to write, hopefully. I will finish this and maybe I will feel inspired again.

I don’t know what I am doing with my life to be honest. While others are doing something, I feel like I am living in a routine. Work – home – church – meet friends or family from time to time – go to bookstores and my fave coffee shop. My uneventful life. (Well at least there’s football, it makes me happy somehow.) And gosh, it is already December in less than a month and seriously, where has my 2012 gone? I feel like nothing so significant happened yet and it’s already year-end?

There are things I’d like to do. I made a list of some “short and long term goals, if you can call them that, however I wasn’t so sure if those are really what I want. I am confused. Gosh, am I not too old to be still confused of what I want?

I do not feel inspired anymore. I lost my focus. I lost it when things didn’t turn out as I wish it would. So I tend to live with not a clear aim in my head about where I want to be and what I want to be. And I feel like too mainstream! Too mainstream and I do not like it! This isn’t me and this isn’t what I wanted.

I need a break. I need time to figure things out. I need to do something about this.

I’m Back (again)!

23 Aug

I’m back (again).

I know I haven’t been posting here and one of my last update was that I made a promise that I will write everyday. Well, I was unsuccessful with it. I failed. There are reasons but I will just label them as “my dumb excuses” so I won’t bother enumerating them here. The important thing is I’m back, not only in blogging but also in journaling. Yes, I also haven’t been writing too much in my journal. Though I have some writings saved in my iPad but most where rough drafts that needs rewriting and editing. And that is something I would like to do next, finish them so I could share them here on my blog.

So what am I up to lately?

Well, aside from my day job,I haven’t been doing much. I have been thinking a lot though, and doing a lot of thinking. Too much of it in fact. I am also trying to read, though, until now, I’m not done reading the “BUYOLOGY” book that I started early this year. But I have been reading a lot of articles online, and trying to start other books. Man, there are just too many to read including the blogs I have subscribed to. Information overload.

We just had a long weekend, 4 days, due to Eid and Ninoy Aquino day. But sadly though, aside from watching the latest Bourne movie – The Bourne Legacy, attending service and practices at the church, dusting our house and singing in the karaoke, I haven’t accomplished any, especially in writing. I was hoping I would write more or finish those I have started, but the earth seems to be spinning too fast and I found myself with no more time to sit and write.

But anyways, I have a few writings on my draft right now and I intend  to finish them soon so I could start with the others on my queue.

Then, I have been thinking about relationships too. Not the romantic one. Okay, the romantic one also, but that’s a completely different story. Lol. Well, seriously though, this time I am concerned about a platonic relationship with a person very close to me. I treasure our friendship so much, however, there seems to be a problem that I am not quite aware of.

Well for now, that’s it. I will update soon. Good night.

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