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Denis Wolf: My Hot Valentine’s Date :)

18 Feb

I don’t celebrate Valentines. Never. Ever. Even in my past romantic relationships, we never celebrated it. It is just way too commercialized. No, I’m not being bitter. I am just not mainstream that’s why.

This year’s valentine, is, just like the past years, the same regular day to me. Thank God that most of my friends, single or not didn’t take the day extra special too! But I have to say that this “valentine’s” became special for me.

As you may know, I am a football fan. And that I have a huge crush on this Filipino-German footballer playing in our local league and the national team, Denis Wolf. 🙂 And my cousins and I decided to watch their team, Global FC play on Vday. It was actually unplanned. My other cousin texted me days before about the scheduled match and invited me to watch. I declined however, because what I initially planned was go to the gym and workout. The schedule changes on the day itself after I felt very tired to hit the gym, so I decided to inform my other two cousins that we watch the game instead. (The cousin who invited initially wasn’t able to come due to her classes at the uni.)

So there, at the newly built Emperador Stadium in the city where I live (and where Denis also lives. hahaha Seriously, I love my city!), we went and watched Global oven over Nomads with the 2-1 score. Denis came later though as a sub. Prior to that, I was watching him doing warm ups on the side and gosh, how lovely is the view! Hahaha


Global vs Nomads

It ain’t the first time I saw him in person, but this is I think the closest I got to him because this new stadium is just very intimate and football fans can see the action in the pitch at close range.

I swear even though I have a crush on him, I would watch the game, even if he isn’t playing or not the one who has the ball. Reminds me how my best friend Idy would always tease me, “Eyes on the ball, not on him!” Haha Of course I do watch the game, not just him. :p But something happened last thursday. Gosh, my eyes were fixated on him, even if he was just on the side, warming up. And boy, was he gorgeous! Hahaha… My cousin even reminded me that the ball is already on the other side. Hahaha


Denis warming up during the half time

Then after the game, we, along with the other fans waited for the players to come to the audience area to give their autographs and all. Denis on the other hand started running around the pitch. We would call him but he won’t stop running. Gosh, suplado? He had an injury weeks before and I think that is the reason he was running.

After a few minutes, still running, but this time, towards to our direction, I waved my hand at him. I waved at him like the way I would when calling a cab, and without even calling his name. LOL. And he stopped! And he started walking towards us. Gosh! This is it I thought!

We immediately went to him and I said, “Hi Denis, can you sign my football and can we have a picture after?” He smiled and said, “of course, sure, sure…”

As the other group of fan girls went to where we were too, I handed him my sharpee, without even taking the lid off, LOL and showed him my football. It’s not an actual football, but a stress ball actually, designed like a football given to me by my 7-year old cousin. I told Denis that that is my football and he laughed because it is very small. LOL. We both laughed.


Denis and I. My valentine’s date! 🙂

After that we had a picture together. Gosh, I was nervous I could feel my hand shaking. Hahaha. My other girl cousin had her picture too, then another girl. But even before another fan would take her turn, I immediately told Denis, I want another picture with him with my cousin and he obliged. But this time, I grabbed the chance to put my right hand around his waist! Hahaha It is already my chance so why not do it I thought. (Chance ko na chumansing! hahaha) Gosh, even if he just finished running, boy he smelled so good. Hahaha. I thanked him and greeted him Happy Valentine’s and he said the same. 🙂 He is really nice.

We stayed a little while the other took turns to take a picture with him also. God, he was just inches away from us and even though the stadium lights were blinding, I had a chance to stare at his face closely and gosh, his eyes are just beautiful! A really good looking man! And the body… I should have told him Emma Stone’s line in the movie “Crazy, Stupid Love” – “Seriously? It’s like you’re photoshopped!” Hahaha (Lord, can I have him? Please pretty please? Hahaha)

We also went to other players and had some pictures with them and like Denis, they are also nice enough to pose with the fans.


My little football signed by Denis. 🙂

My dad picked us up after the game to have our late dinner. And because of too much excitement from the game and from meeting Denis, I forgot that I am doing the 40 Days of Water, I had Iced Tea! My bad. I blame Denis for that. Hahaha Kidding!

Btw, when best friend Idy saw the picture of Denis and I (it is actually a stolen shot), he asked, “Please tell me you didn’t exchange numbers with Denis Wolf?” Hahaha… To which I replied, “Why? What is wrong with it? I’m single, he is single. Hahaha” Of course it didn’t happen, I wish it did though. Hahaha!!!

So that was my Valentine’s night with my hot date! Hahaha

What a day! What a Valentine’s day! 🙂

Gosh, I am such a fan girl! Hahaha!!!


Azkals In The Semi Finals – Home Game!

7 Dec

Tomorrow, I am heading to Rizal Memorial Stadium again to watch the Azkals – the Philippine National Football Team in the first leg and our first home game in the AFF Suzuki Cup semi-finals. We are facing the Singapore Lions, who lost to us twice during friendly matches this year. The Azkals are on the semis for the 2nd time, one back in 2010 – the time they shocked the whole country that a national football team exist and that they beat the current tourney champion -Vietnam and went to the semis!

I can still remember it because I was one of those surprised to know that we actually have a football team and that they are competing! I was on vacation for about 5 months after quitting my demanding job, and was still infected by the FIFA World Cup fever that time, and so into football matches. Of course being a fan of the beautiful game, I immediately became a fan of the Azkals!

And now, we are on the semis again! If in 2010 we were denied of a home again because the tourney officials thought our stadium wasn’t good enough to stage an international game. Now,
we are granted of our well-deserved home game in front of the enthusiastic home crowd! Gosh I am so excited for tomorrow! Kudos to PFF for doing something to improve our stadium.

So I will be cheering proud and loud for the Azkals tomorrow! Like I always say, you have this different sense of pride when you have your own team representing the country.

See you my boys tomorrow! #Laban Pilipinas! #Azkals!

Supercopa, Real Madrid and Kaka

2 Sep

Last week in the football world, many fans of the Spanish Liga were all eyes on the 2nd leg of the Supercopa match between the La Liga champion Real Madrid and Copa del Rey current title holder Barcelona.  Of course, if you follow my blog, you know that I am more of a Real Madrid fan than a Barca fan. And if you are a crazy about football like me, you know that Real Madrid won the Supercopa.

Supercopa Winner – Real Madrid. (Notice that Kaka wasn’t here.)

For those not quite familiar, the Supercopa de España is championship match between the champion of La Liga and Copa de Rey. And it just so happened that the tight rivals, Madrid and Barca are the current champs so it was an “El Classico” match once again. And I am very happy that my favorite club Real Madrid won the Supercopa once again because of their 2-away goals made at Camp Nou during the first leg, and dominated with 2 goals during the 2nd at Santiago Bernabeu. So congrats so Real Madrid!!!

I noticed however that my most favorite footballer and athlete in the world, Kaka, didn’t play in the Supercup. Hmmm… He wasn’t even listed for as a sub. And I’m not quite happy with it. I want to see him play for Real Madrid but Mourinho is not giving him a chance to play more lately and didn’t even include him in the line up for the El Classico matches.

Kaka celebrated his goal during a match last year.

A few weeks ago, there was a rumor about Kaka leaving Real, either for a loan or permanently. Man United was one of the club who was apparently ‘interested’ in him. His previous club, AC Milan was also reportedly discussing his comeback. But I love him at Real Madrid and I am sad to hear news about his transfer. I know things are not as good as before for Kaka… he has been used as sub most of the time, or was being substituted after a 60 or so minutes in the pitch, and lately, didn’t make it to the first eleven, not even as a sub. His transfer to Real was one of the club’s most expensive and at one interview, Kaka said that he is indebted to Real Madrid as he suffered from a few injuries that prevented him to play more.

Kaka training with other players, 2 days after the Supercopa

And just last week, Kaka’s wife Carol, said in an interview that their family will go back to Brazil and that if Kaka will leave Madrid, he will not join any European club. But a few days ago, there were pictures from Real Madrid’s official Facebook account featuring Kaka in training together with the other players. It is also reported that he will not leave Madrid, at least until January, and that he has been training double sessions to make himself more fit and to keep up with the other players. He comes to their training center early in the morning to work out, alone, but supervised by Madrid’s trainers and join the other players in their afternoon training with coach Mourinho.

Kaka is a great footballer. He is a playmaker and he can show that he’s still got it. Mourinho just need to give him a chance to play again.


Euro 2012 – Spain v. Portugal

27 Jun

Though I can’t watch any Euro 2012 matches, except for weekends, because I live in the other side of the planet, I make sure I am updated with the team standings, especially those teams I am supporting, like Spain.

Well tonight will be an exciting match as two strong  teams battle for the spot in the  final. It’s going to be my favorite Spain v. Portugal, which is also a favorite because of Ronaldo. Haha…. Well but my heart beats more for Spain, my distant  relatives. Hahaha… Hey, I am part Spanish,  I have 0.00000001 % Spanish blood in my veins. LOL. So my dear Cristiano, I’m sorry but I am supporting my brothers tonight. Mi hermanos!

Well, may the best team win! I won’t be able to watch since it will on at 3am, Manila time, so I will just watch the highlights tomorrow morning.

Vamos España!!!

32nd La Liga Title. Campeones!!!

5 May

Congrats to my boys! Congrats Real Madrid for winning your 32nd La Liga title. So proud of you all! You deserve this title because you all worked hard for it. Wish I am in Madrid to celebrate! Woohoo!!! Hala Madrid! Campeones!!!

Real Madrid boys celebrate their 32nd La Liga title! Woohoo!!!

Kaka! Hala Madrid!


The Real Madrid boys and the Madridista!


Mourinho: “Me? I’m the Special One!” 🙂 I just love this coach.


Captain Iker and Cristiano


Iker: “Yeah! He’s the Man!”


No, Captain Iker is the Man! 🙂 Okay both of them. 🙂



I love this picture of Iker.

The crowd – The Madridista! Wish I was there

Sad day: Real Madrid vs. Munich

26 Apr

Last night was the 2nd game of the semi-final match between Real Madrid and Bayern Munich. I didn’t get to watch it live like I did over the weekend during the La Liga match with Barcelona because the game started at 2:45am in my side of the world. But as soon as I woke up this morning, I reached for my phone and checked who won… RMA’s captain Iker Casillas FB updates read: “Real Madrid 2 (Ronaldo) – 1 Munich (Robben)”. I was like “Yes! We won!”

I was so happy, very positive and even shared the news to my cousin that Madrid will face Chelsea in the Final…. until I reached the office, googled for the result and read, ” Bayern and Chelsea in the Final”…

“WHAT? NO WAY!” I read it again and yes it says, “Bayern Munich” not Real Madrid. Damn!  I actually forgot that during the first game (away match), the score was 2-1 also in favor of Munich, so that means, it was a tie. So there was a penalty shootout. Unfortunately, Munich won with 3-1 during the shootout.

I didn’t know how it happened, but Cristiano Ronaldo and my favorite Kaka were both denied to score in the penalty round. It was heart breaking. 😦 When I watched the highlights and saw Kaka so disappointed, I felt so sad. 😦

But despite the result, Santiago Bernabéu gave Madrid a huge round of applause at the end. I wish I was there to show support to the guys, especially in this difficult times. I am still very proud of the boys, so I still would say,


Anyway, congratulations to Munich. They will be facing the Chelsea who ousted the current champion Barca just the other night.

So who will I cheer now in the Final? Chelsea!!!  

Here are some pictures from the last night’s match:

Real Madrid boys, after Ronaldo's goal.

"The Bernabéu gave Madrid a huge round of applause at the end, but it is Bayern who reached the final." -

Iker and Mourinho - I love these two men!

The crowd at Santiago Bernabeu. I wish I was there to cheer for the Whites!

El Clasico: Real Madrid vs. Barcelona

22 Apr

Last night, an exciting La Liga match between my favorite Real Madrid and its archrival Barcelona, known as  “El Clasico” happened at Camp Nou, Barca’s home stadium.  I stayed up late, like until 4am because I just can’t miss the game. I just have to watch it live! It was pretty exciting and awesome, especially because my boys won! Yey! With a 2-1 score, Madrid is now leading by 7 points in La Liga and they’re just 3 games away from winning the title. Woohoo!!! Although I was hoping Kaka would play because it was the eve of his birthday (April 22) and I thought it would be nice to see him play in the pitch, score a beautiful goal and win the match. It would have been a nice birthday for my favorite Kaka. It is still a great birthday present from God though, that his team won last night. I am really happy for my boys!

Congrats Real Madrid!

El Clasico - Real Madrid 2-1 Barcelona

"Calm down, calm down" - Cristiano Ronaldo after he scored the 2nd goal that made Real Madrid the "El Clasico" winner last night.

I just love this picture of these two managers. Jose Mourinho cheering for the Real Madrid boys and Pep Guardiola shouting at his Barca players. 🙂

And happy 30th birthday to my most favorite athlete in the world – KAKA! May our Lord Jesus bless you more and more my dear brother in Christ! So proud of you.

The birthday boy - Ricardo "Kaka" Izecson dos Santos Leite. Happy 30th!

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