How It Was Conceived

I know I am not the first person in this world to come up with a list of a thousand things to do before a person dies. It is not my original concept but I would like to list the things I want to do while I am still alive and before I breathe my last breath.

The idea came up when I went to the bookstore to distract myself from thinking too much of the disastrous week I’ve had. While I was browsing the best seller section, I saw the book “1000 places to visit before you die”. It made me smile. I always want to travel and see a lot places but I don’t have the luxury of time now and even the money needed to splurge on it.  Then I saw the book, “Becoming a Better You” by Joel Osteen.  As I walked through the other sections of the store, an idea popped up, why not come up with the 1000 things I would like to do before I die and become a better me. So I hurried to the coffee shop located at 3rd floor of the bookstore, bought my coffee and took the seat on the veranda and started writing.

It was actually my first attempt to write after the incident that happened a few days back. Also, my first time to have coffee again after that one painful day of April. But I’m glad I was able to write something. I didn’t know I still could write after it all happened. It was very intense I couldn’t hold a pen and write on my journal, or even blog. But thank God I was able to.

I am still not done listing the “1000 things I would like to do before I die”, I still haven’t even reached a hundred. I’m still at number 67 and still have to list more. But I won’t force myself to write it all down in one sitting… I will complete the list as I go along. Hopefully, I can reach the 1000.

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