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Because It Was Real

11 Jan

“If this is love I do not want it. Take it from me, Please. Why does it hurt so much? “

– Tauriel

“Because it was real.”
– Thranduil

~The Hobbit – Battle of the Five Armies


Special Birthday Greeting

11 Jan

Many people greeted and sent me their best wishes as I turn a year older again. But here’s one greeting that made my birthday today awesome:


I’m such a fan girl. Hahaha!!!

I did not call because…

2 Dec

In a few hours, your birthday will end – less than an hour in my side of the world. I did not call you. I didn’t bother to. You probably think that I already forgot your natal day. No I haven’t. Never. In fact, I am quite anxious almost the entire day, thinking of you. It’s your special day today. I wanted to be part of it, but I am unsure if you would still like that. Perhaps you are happy right now, celebrating another year in your life, not bothered about the woman who is thinking about you all the time.

I did not call not because I forgot. I did not call not because I no longer care. I did not call you because I think it’s best not to.

So I am just greeting you here:


Please take care of yourself.


10 Jan

60 minutes (google images)

As of this posting, I only have 60 minutes left and the bomb will explode! Yay!

Posting this from some beach resort in Bohol Island, while sipping my late  night brewed coffee by the beach, with the beautiful live acoustic music playing in my background. LOVELY evening. Almost perfect – YOU are the only one missing tonight.


10 Jan

ONE (google images)


9 Jan

TWO (google images)


8 Jan

THREE (google images)

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