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Let’s R.O.B. OMF Lit Bookstore! (The Ultimate Sale!)

21 May

Summer is one of the best time to grab some books and read. You may take it on your trip to Bora or abroad in SG or your road trip to some provinces. And though we only have a week left, it’s not yet late to enjoy a good book. So for you book lovers, here’s a good news:

OMF Literature have this R.O.B U.S. (Raid Our Bookstore. Ultimate Sale) Forty-fied promo that runs from May 16 until the end of this month. They slashed at least 40% off on over 200 titles  and 30% on other books. Wow! Ain’t it great?

OMF Lit ROB US Forty-fied Sale

Though I have a bunch of books that I still have to read at home, I also have a long list of books to I’d like buy. Yay! Yup, I can’t get enough of books!

So now that OMF opened their stores for a “Raid”, I won’t let it pass. I gotta go there buy these books :

Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven But Nobody Wants To Die

Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven, but Nobody Wants to Die by David Crowder – Before: P595   Now: P357

Big Girls Don't Whine

Big Girls Don’t Whine by Jan Silvious – Before: P450  Now: P270

Inside The Revolution

 Inside the Revolution by Joel Rosenberg – Before P250  Now: P150

Disappointment With God

Disappointment with God by Philip Yancey – Before: P225   Now: P135

Xtreme Calling

Xtreme Calling by Kelly Carr – Before: P225   Now: P135

I hope to visit OMF in Boni one of these days to R.O.B them! 🙂

Check out the links below for the list of the books:



Visit OMF:

Boni Bookshop
776 Boni Ave cor Pinatubo
1550 Mandaluyong City
Telephone: 531.6635
Email: Bookshop_Boni@OMFLit.com

Something To Smile About : Phil Younghusband replied to my tweet!

10 Jan

Okay, I was having some mood swings today, or maybe Birthday Blues and I wanted to write about it earlier. But now I’d rather write about things that are smile-worthy this week.

I started this smile-worthy post last week. I was thankful for the SB Journal. Now, this week, there are two things I would like to be thankful about and they are definitely worth not just my smile but appreciation and gratefulness to God.

So here they are:

1.  A local publishing company (OMFlit) just asked me if I would be interested in writing book reviews for them. I thought this is awesome! What an opportunity!


2. Phil Younghusband of the Philippine National Football Team or the Azkals just replied on my tweet. Hahahaha….. I know not much of a biggie but what the heck, it made me smile today. 🙂 Here’s the proof:

Phil Younghusband replied to me on Twitter. 😛

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