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Book: What You Need to Know When You Need Healing by Dr. Harold Sala.

27 Feb

Last week, OMF Literature invited me to the launching of Mr. Harold Sala’s newest book –  What You Need to Know When You Need Healing – an exclusive event that was held in St. Luke’s Hospital in Quezon City. Now you asked, booking-launching in a Hospital? Yes. Well the book is about Healing. And because I think it was sponsored also by the Christian doctors at St. Luke’s. I was not able to attend, though I really really wanted to, but due to unexpected training at work that ended at 6pm and the event would start at 6pm, so I wasn’t able to. Also the location is quite far from where I live,  if it was the other St. Luke’s that’s located in my city, that won’t be a problem.

Anyway, here is Mr. Sala’s newest book:

What You Need to Know When You Need Healing by Dr. Harold Sala

(c/o OMF Literature )

Dr. Sala’s newest book, What You Need to Know When You Need Healing, is a groundbreaking book, a product of painstaking and careful research by this internationally-known Bible teacher, lecturer and counselor. Interspersed with historical and biblical narratives are stories of physical and spiritual healing, which prove that trusting God yields lasting and eternal rewards. This book will lead you to better understand the compassionate nature of our Heavenly Father and how you can find healing His way.

What You Need to Know When You Need Healing is not only for those who need healing but also for their family members, friends and caregivers. Professionals ministering to and helping the sick such as pastors, ministers, and doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers will greatly benefit from this too.


Let’s R.O.B. OMF Lit Bookstore! (The Ultimate Sale!)

21 May

Summer is one of the best time to grab some books and read. You may take it on your trip to Bora or abroad in SG or your road trip to some provinces. And though we only have a week left, it’s not yet late to enjoy a good book. So for you book lovers, here’s a good news:

OMF Literature have this R.O.B U.S. (Raid Our Bookstore. Ultimate Sale) Forty-fied promo that runs from May 16 until the end of this month. They slashed at least 40% off on over 200 titles  and 30% on other books. Wow! Ain’t it great?

OMF Lit ROB US Forty-fied Sale

Though I have a bunch of books that I still have to read at home, I also have a long list of books to I’d like buy. Yay! Yup, I can’t get enough of books!

So now that OMF opened their stores for a “Raid”, I won’t let it pass. I gotta go there buy these books :

Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven But Nobody Wants To Die

Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven, but Nobody Wants to Die by David Crowder – Before: P595   Now: P357

Big Girls Don't Whine

Big Girls Don’t Whine by Jan Silvious – Before: P450  Now: P270

Inside The Revolution

 Inside the Revolution by Joel Rosenberg – Before P250  Now: P150

Disappointment With God

Disappointment with God by Philip Yancey – Before: P225   Now: P135

Xtreme Calling

Xtreme Calling by Kelly Carr – Before: P225   Now: P135

I hope to visit OMF in Boni one of these days to R.O.B them! 🙂

Check out the links below for the list of the books:



Visit OMF:

Boni Bookshop
776 Boni Ave cor Pinatubo
1550 Mandaluyong City
Telephone: 531.6635
Email: Bookshop_Boni@OMFLit.com

Vikas Swarup on Writing

3 Feb

“Writing is a very lonely occupation. To write you need to concentrate, to concentrate you need to lock yourself away. No distractions, you want your stream of thoughts uninterrupted. And I found that a day job gave me the opportunity of meeting people and having real conversations. The writer’s is an interior world, a world of the mind. I found that many times, even though my day job is very different from what a writer does, the spark of fiction comes from the real world. So no, I would rather be a diplomat and write on weekends.” – Vikas Swarup, author of Q &A


Q & A by Vikas Swarup

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