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Admiring My Mother

3 Apr

I admire my Mother. She got a pretty tough job.  She may not have to address the problems of poverty like the president have to, but her ‘job’ is tough.  Maybe even one of the toughest in the world. Imagine being a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a daughter, a sister, a Church Pastor to 9 churches with at least 200 or more members each, a leader, a government consultant, a counselor, and a friend to some. And all these, rolled into one.

What I specifically admire about my mother is that she’s the same person she is inside and outside our house.  Meaning to say, she doesn’t pretend or have a multiple personalities. The compassionate, patient, understanding, helpful, kind-hearted person she is outside or in the church is the same person she is to us inside our home. And I think that is  one of the traits of a true leader.

Growing up, I see how my mother shown these traits. I remember us being in the bus ride to Manila from Lipa, and on our way there was this young woman with her little brother, moaning for a severe stomach pain. Her motherly instinct kicked in. She wasn’t selfish to think that she got 3 young kids to look after to (I think my youngest sister was barely 4 years old that time) and let another person help. But she was quick to extend a hand, prayed for her and even took her to the hospital as soon as we got off the bus. She also began charity at home. Even though she is already married and have kids to support to, she, together with my father, helped her sisters and brothers fund their studies. She didn’t cease in helping them, even until now that they have their own families.

She is patient. Very patient. It will take time for her to get angry. And when she does, please hide, you wouldn’t like it. 😀 I think it’s true that when a patient person loses his/her temper, it’s going be like  World War II. I’ve seen her pissed off. And unfortunately, it was because of me. Well, sometimes because of my sisters too. 😛 You don’t want to see her mad for sure. So you better not test her patience. Like any normal person she also gets angry, whether you believe it or not. 🙂

She is super nice and super kind. And “super” is not even the right word to perfectly describe how nice and kind she is. Serving the church as the Pastor, she has encountered countless problems, both personal and church-related. People come to her for advices, sometimes even for financial help, then there are some who questioned her ways, pressured her for something, sometimes to take their sides over someone’s or influence her decisions. But she won’t let it. She won’t give in. Instead, she prays for them and asks them to pray for those who hurt them. Sometimes, when the attack to her is personal (and sometimes even below the belt), it angers me, my sisters and father, but not her. She always reminds us to be gentle, to just pray for those who hurt us and just speak blessing to them instead.  Sure, her helpfulness, kindness and patience have influenced us, but I don’t think I inherited it 100%. I am not as patient and kind as she is. Sometimes I complain to her for being super nice. If it was me, I would get even! Hahahaha…. Just kidding. 😛

She’s forgiving. Like I mentioned, she just pray for those who hurt her. She didn’t grow up in a well-off family, but she strove hard to succeed. And that means, working at her Auntie’s restaurant while studying in high school at around age 13 I think. She wakes up early in the morning to go to the market, go home and help serve and prepare the customers’ orders, then go to school (and because of that, she’s late to school most of the time) and then go home in the afternoon, help her Auntie again, do her homework after and sleep late. That was her routine everyday for at least 4 years.  She wasn’t treated well by their family too but she didn’t have any bitterness in her heart. I cried when I first heard  that story. I felt sad and furious to hear what she had to go through. But she was quick to tell us how grateful she is to her Auntie’s family because she was able to continue her studies and help her mother and siblings get out of poverty. For her, it was her stepping stone to success.

I know I hurt her also so many times in the past for being somewhat rebellious and so my sisters and my father but she didn’t quit on us, but instead she forgives us for our shortcomings and imperfections.

I could list a lot of things about how admirable my mother is. She is not perfect but I think she possesses the Christ-like character and that’s what makes her truly admirable.

Today is her 53rd birthday and I couldn’t think of a better gift but to put into writing what kind of a person she is – a loving wife, mother, grandmother, sister, daughter, a patient Church Pastor, a humble servant and a true Christian.

Happy birthday Mama!

Remembering the Past

5 Oct

Today is the 30th anniversary of our Church. Three decades of God’s amazing works in our church.

Soon we will leave to go to the church service where crowd is expected to reach a million. The venue…that venue… I wonder how will I feel later to be there again. Every year we celebrate our church anniversary there. Not only that, we have been there a lot of times for different church and national activities like election campaign.. and because of that election, the place became significant to me and to someone. perhaps. Maybe. I’m not sure. But to me, it once was.

Well, I already have moved on from that. It was a blissful yet didn’t turn out so well. Now when I think of it, I just see it as a learning experience…I don’t feel anything anymore. I just could just smile at the wonderful memories I once had, even at the not so good once.

I just wonder, what will it be like later to be in that place again.  I’ll find out soon.

How Joshua Harris Made Me Unproductive For A Day (Part 1)

20 Sep

There are a lot of things that are going through my mind lately. Just this Monday, I was at work but didn’t really do any work, because my mind was (and still is, till now) occupied that kept me off my concentration to get things done at the office. Although I did few minor stuff done, but most of the time I just spent it contemplating about life and myself and my surroundings. I was not glued to my chair all day, I kept standing up, walking, going to the washroom, pantry, locker room and even outside the office. And aside that I was quite annoyed over some people in my workplace, I was occupied thinking about things that I might say, really matters.

I’d like to blame Joshua Harris for this. LOL. No, I’m kidding. But well, yeah after listening to one of his sermons I’ve downloaded online a week ago, Some nagging questions started to stepped in. The sermon’s title is “Don’t waste your life”.

Being a reader of Joshua Harris’ books for almost a decade now, not to mention my irregular visit to his blog and their church websites, I feel like I know him personally now. I don’t know. I am now accustomed to his style, may it be writing or preaching.. yet he still and always amazes me of his profound ideas and the anointing God has given him. Although I find almost all of his sermons very enriching and helpful to my life specifically the spiritual aspect of my life, this particular “Don’t Waste Your Life” sermon has made an impact on me, especially, when he asked the question, “Did you live for what matters?” Although there are more stuff to learn and contemplate from the sermon, but that particular phrase/question moved me. It has been a few days now that I use the “Do you live for what matters?” phrase as my status message on my yahoo messenger, msn, skype, and gmail, and yeah even on my account on facebook. I think I just wanted to remind myself of the question all time by writing them everywhere. Also get the others on my friend’s list thinking too if they are “living for what matters.” I’m sure somehow it made it them think. One of my friends even responded to it saying, “what a question!” Another one said, “that made me think!” I knew what they meant by that.

I’ve already had tons of nagging questions in my head, but this one tops all of them. Do I live for what matters? I started thinking of what really matters not only in my life but in this world. Because if I am to define or enumerate what matters in my life, I could list a lot of selfish things that I think really matters. I could think about myself, my career, family, relationship, (well these two really matters), then promotion, savings, traveling local and overseas, car, house/condo, etc.. all of which are considered too selfish (except for the two I’d say).

Then I started to look at it in a Christian perspective… what God has given me, the “talents” that I am supposed to use, to cultivate or increase or make use of, not for my glory but for His. The resources God has blessed me with, how can I use it to show the world of God’s greatness? Then I started thinking if I am being a blessing to my family and to all the people around me or am I being a burden?

I could reveal too much about myself if I will write all the thoughts I have on this blog. But I guess I am just too overwhelmed of the ideas and questions that I can’t really put them all into writing.

You see, being a Christian, not to mention a member of a Minister’s family, is something I should say not easy. Don’t get me wrong, being a Christian is wonderful. I feel privileged to get to know Jesus, to be able to worship him, to be His child and to be saved. Being a Christian is a privilege. That’s how I look at it. You have this unlimited access to God, to talk Him, knowing He really listens and cares. These are just some of the wonderful things about being a Christian, but it wasn’t easy as well. Although now I meet a lot of Christians everywhere I go, still sometimes, I can’t help but feel different from the rest when you are one. I am not saying it’s bad but they just don’t or can’t understand why I act or do things this or that way.

And having a parent as Church Pastor (the head pastor in our area, you see I am from one of the big Christian churches in my country) is another thing. When I was a growing up, I used to think if being a pastor’s kid is a curse or a blessing. Although I must admit that we not only experience the “privilege” of knowing Christ but also the “fringe benefits” of being part of this family. Yes you get special treatments and all.. ( which sometimes I honestly do not enjoy) but hey, that is part of it. I could mention a lot of things that can be classified as good and not so good about being a pastor’s child. But as I grew older, God has started to make me realize that this is one of what he has given me, one the resources that he blessed me with that I should make use of. Instead of running away from it, rebelling against my parent’s position at the church, I should take it as an advantage to give back the glory to Him. It may be hard to be a pastor’s child but this is God what has given me and I must embraced it and help my parents fulfill their “duties” at the church and at home.

Another is, I am also blessed to be offered a position in the company I’m working for. I know this is just one of His works in my life. That is why, everyday, I acknowledge my nothingness before him, asking him continuously for wisdom and knowledge and the leadership skills and all the things I need to give justice to the role that he entrusted me with. Sometimes, I get weary and feel like backing out especially when I get overwhelmed with all the negativity I am facing… that I am thinking of quitting my job. Yet, God will remind me that I am here in this position not for what is written on my CV but because God has put me here. And who am I not to accept? And like being a pastor’s child, I also get to enjoy the fringe benefits of being a supervisor in my workplace, but I know on top of those privileges, God put me in this post for a reason and that is what matters. I am not here for nothing. He has put me here to bring back the glory back to Him.

to be continued…

Sleeping, Working and Dieting

2 Apr

pd_sleep_070718_ms.jpg deskpano.jpg diet-in-veggies.jpg

Right! It’s 2am and I’m still up. I am feeling sleepy though I feel that the night is still young. Yes, I am not used to sleeping early although I’d really want to do that. I want to be able to experience starting the day right by getting up early and then go to bed at a not-so-early time. But I don’t want to get up at 5am or worst at 4am like before when I was still working. That’s the very reason I resigned from my job aside from the feeling of wasting time in a job I don’t intend to grow into (although it seems now that I am considering it. But that is another story!). I want at least to experience getting up at 6 or 7am and smell the morning mist. The classic morning where you eat breakfast at 7am, read Bible, a book or a newspaper though right now, I rarely get my dose of news from the print instead I read them online or just watch news on tv.

After resigning from my job last December, I haven’t found a replacement yet. Yes, it has been 3 months now and I’m still jobless. But I worry not since I do some freelance jobs which is really convenient because I work from home. I guess that is one reason I don’t bother hitting the sack early at night because I don’t have to worry being late for work the next day anymore. I can sleep anytime I want and get up anytime I want, unless it’s a Sunday for it is a church day. That isn’t negotiable. I really have to get my ass off the bed and prepare for the church. Although it’s good that we have afternoon service now and I have an option if I really can’t go in the morning. But I prefer going to church in the morning than afternoon. It’s about starting your day right.

Going back to working from home, one of the great benefits of telecommuting (although mine isn’t really telecommuting, more of freelance) is that you don’t really have to dress up because it is rare that your customers visit you at home, so you can always wear comfy clothes. But I’d say that is also a downside because I miss dressing up for work. I miss going out of the house in the morning to head to the office. But when I think of the traffic, the 8 or nowadays it is 9-hour job and insufficient payment, I realized it’s better to work from home and get direct payments from clients. I guess we really can’t have it all.

I have been working almost all day today editing information of video clips and also teaching my Turkish student online. I’d say it’s exhausting since I almost never left my pc except for bathroom trips (that includes taking a shower) and preparing my lunch.

Speaking of lunch, I only had caesar salad that I prepared myself. I didn’t eat rice today that’s why I somehow feel good because it’ll help me in achieving my goals to shred some pounds but at the same time I also feel like I deprived myself of a good meal. Arrrggh!!!! Now I feel hungry. I had wheat bread with tuna spread, lettuce and cucumber and a cup of coffee for breakfast, caesar salad for lunch and fresh milk, banana que and skyflakes with tuna spread for snacks and oatmeal for dinner. Banana que though was not really a good choice for a person who wants to lose weight since it is a sugar-coated banana and deep-fried. Eww!!!Too much fat!

I was tempted though to take a trip to a nearest fast food in my place to have my rice consumption but I realized I have no more money on my wallet. All I have in my coin purse is PHP 22.75 . Poor me! I was too lazy to go to the bank since it was already rush hour and that means heavy traffic. But then I thought of borrowing a hundred bucks from the money that my aunt kept in the cabinet and will just tell her the next day and return it after. But I came to my senses! I AM ON A DIET! Fast food shouldn’t be an option. Well not really but at least not frequent. Plus I have made a daily menu that should follow otherwise there is no sense of doing it. And I was successful. But tomorrow, I swear I’ll have some rice.


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